Misfit King – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words


And fall to your knees


Behold the slaying of the misfit king

I not only believe

I know nobody will remember me

The valleys cascade

And the mountains fold their peaks over me

The rivers cut off my escape

And the grass becomes blades under my feet

The world above I used to love

No longer reciprocates

Instead in demands a blood sacrifice

One I’m long overdue to pay


I fall to my knees


I give all that is left of me

Gahead, tear me open

You’ll only find a heart surely broken

By man, woman, and mostly myself

I am my own stiffest critic

The cross I bear fashioned by my own hands

Go ahead, tear me open

But you’ll find I’ve already been raided

A dead casket with scenes of romance

No, riddles, as every girl has fooled me wrong

With looks, my hook, her crook

And all the books have lied

There is no love at first sight

But death at the last time

Source: Misfit King – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

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