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VidCon 2018 – Gender, Chronic Illness, Disability [CC] – YouTube

Published on Jul 17, 2018


I was invited to be a Featured Creator at VidCon in Anaheim (6/20-6/23) again this year and had an amazing time getting to be among community and share space with you all and share dialogue on topics I am very passionate about! Here is a scrappily put together video of what happened on my VidCon trip! Check out panels, collabs, and links to who appeared in this video below! My Panels: Chronic Illness:… Disability & Accessibility:… Collaborations from this VidCon: You’re So Brave Podcast with Chase and Aaron (Captions coming soon):… Disability and Gender Presentation: COMING SOON DIsability and Body Image: COMING SOON Pals Who Appeared In This Video: Chase Ross:… Aaron Ansuini:… Connor Manning: Andrea Lausell:… Sarah (Princess and Scrivener):… Jenny Lorenzo:… Ash Hardell: Grade Hardell:… Jessica Kellgren-Fozard:… Rachel Anne (HotPinkSun):… Kat Blaque: Stef Sanjati:… Chandler Wilson:… Stevie Boebi: Dan:… dodie: Alli: Lolo:… How To ADHD:… Zach Anner: Molly Burke:… Josh Sundquist:… Ashley Wylde:… MarsupialPudding:… SUPPORT THIS CREATOR Patreon: Wishlist: Merch: One-time Donations Paypal: Ko-fi: Venmo: Cash:$annieelainey FIND ME ON THE INTERNET Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr YouNow: AnnieElainey CONTRIBUTE CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES FOR THIS VIDEO -Click on the gear in the lower-right corner of the video -Click “Subtitles/CC” -Click “Add subtitles/CC -You can contribute Closed Captions in English or subtitles in ANY other language LIST OF VIDEOS YET TO BE CAPTIONED… My Associate Store: CHANNEL DESCRIPTION Annie Segarra (Annie Elainey) creates mainly first-person videos on introspective topics, social topics, sharing her experiences and thoughts on disability, body image, LGBT topics, gender equality, etc, as well as creative content; a variety of music/artistic media and short films. Annie identifies as a queer disabled (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Latinx woman and uses she and they pronouns.

By Eve Reiland

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