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My Mask

I don’t mask to fit in anymore.
I mask because my true self is too shiny and bright, real and dark for others to handle. I am being polite.

I don’t mask to fit in anymore.
I mask because other people can’t handle the real me and I am being kind. I understand that their fear is built of their own need to fit in. My otherness frightens them. One day I hope they too can embrace the freedom of being unique.

I don’t mask to fit in anymore.
I mask because it is my choice to only show you what you are capable of comprehending.

I don’t mask to fit in anymore.
But I do wear a mask.

My mask is not to conceal who I am so you will not reject me. My mask is because I know who I am behind it and I will not compromise that to have your acceptance.

I am only wearing my mask outside until the world catches up to being capable of seeing the true me and glorying in my unique brilliance.

* with special thanks to those who know the me behind the mask for you are the vanguard, the key and the evolved.

Louise Bright
Louise Bright That’s beautiful! Thankyou for writing it and sharing it 🤗🍦
Resilient Chameleon
Debbie Freeman

Debbie Freeman Beautifully put, may I share this to my page please? 🙂



Resilient Chameleon

Resilient Chameleon thank you very much, of course you may share.

Nik Karn
Nik Karn YES YES YES! It’s more and more self-accepting and less and less self-denying, and as our circle of kindred spirits widens, it feels even more so… for myself anyhow. BEE!
Marisa Hernandez-De Windt

Marisa Hernandez-De Windt This is so eloquent and expresses how I feel much of the time.

Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor Love this
Marla Crews
Marla Crews Masking to hide that I’m not like everyone else, and many people cannot handle the real me.

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