As Seen On Facebook | “Autism doesn’t define who you are”, say people who define us by our autism via Spectrumy 



“Autism doesn’t define who you are”, say people who define us by our autism.


Cecilie Lolk Hjort
Cecilie Lolk Hjort This is exactly why I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term ‘special interests’. It’s not an exclusively autistic thing to be nerdy about something, so the ‘special’ doesn’t really seem to perform any other function than to add a little condescension just because the person who has the interest is autistic.
Autistic Not Weird
Autistic Not Weird Personally, I never particularly liked that phrase either. I’ve never got over how patronising it sounds!
Star Porter

Star Porter exactly! My daughter, who does not have Autism, was OBSESSED with dinosaurs…had hundreda of figurines, knew every fact about each kind, talked & played dinos every moment of every day…people commented on how intelligent she was, how mature & intereSee More

Autistic Not Weird
Autistic Not Weird Yep! This is basically what we’re up against here.
My intense interest at seven years old was dinosaurs too. And if I hadn’t been autistic, it probably *still* would have been dinosaurs, with exactly the same amount of enthusiasm. (Except I probably wouldn’t have had the capacity to name 91 species from memory. 😉 and yes, that happened.)
Elizzabeth Plank
Elizzabeth Plank I can’t use the word obsessed when describing my son’s passion for cars & trucks. He’s not obsessed, he’s full of joy because of his passion for those things. 😊 His intense love makes me so happy to see.
Christy Savage Fields
Christy Savage Fields That’s interesting my son started reading at 6 months he was always known at school as the reader none of the kids knew he was autistic only the staff and he was also interested in the publisher the illustrator the writer, and knew them all on every boSee More
Meira Selah
Meira Selah Language usage and representation matter. Different not less is exemplified in myriad ways. Ableism is insidious and more prevalent than most people realize. Micro aggressions that accumulate over time are no less traumatic.
Be conscious and consideraSee More

Anna Schwirian

Anna Schwirian I remember having to email my earth space systems teacher in high school and basically say “ hi ms.b I just wanted you to know just because you read my IEP doesn’t mean I all the sudden can’t answer the hard questions in class. I’m still the same persoSee More

Emily Gooze
Emily Gooze Yup
Usually my favorite things are just me being a normal geeky me
My autism, however will make you all kinds of uncomfortable as I tell you socially awkward stories and such. My autism usually makes others upset. Not me 😂
Jacqueline Muccio
Jacqueline Muccio that is so not cool!!! My daughter is not on the spectrum but her exceptionalities mirrors some tendencies so people jump to the label. I see her light diminish sometimes when people turn her loves into a negative
Naomi de Vos
Naomi de Vos OK, I admit that as a NT parent, I have learned to use this kind of language when speaking to some professionals who work with my daughter, but I am very sparing in when and how I use it. And when professionals try to limit or take away things that areSee More


Carleigh Owen

Carleigh Owen “Something more interesting than socialising” – Tony Attwood

Kasey Renee Komp
Kasey Renee Komp The kid I work with has a great passion for video games.
Brigitte Dionne
Brigitte Dionne Passions lead to fulfilling careers??? Wooaahhhttt????
Lisa Lofthouse

Lisa Lofthouse Well, they don’t know you too well, your obsession is Sonic….

Sue Bailey
Sue Bailey Yes!
Can we come up with an inclusive term?
Stacey Ireland

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