#BOYCOTTLesPetitesVictoires hashtag on Twitter

Source: #BOYCOTTLesPetitesVictoires hashtag on Twitter

boycott les petites victoires-

  1. [ child abuse ] – So yesterday I’ve forced my child to hug me. He screamed, then I told him that I didn’t care about his screams. – ??? What’s your problem fucking monster ?!! – Oh don’t worry : he’s autistic. – You’re my hero. So brave.

  2. The author, Yvon Roy, explains how he trains his autistic son to look into his eyes, how he wants him to “fight his disability, not live with it”, how he purposely moves furniture around during the night to destabilise him.

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    For English-speaking fellow people : a graphic novel by an Autism Parent is about to be made into a movie, even though it’s ableist as hell.

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  4. So honey, in a nutshell, feel free to because c’est de la merde 😘

  5. What kind of father struggles to say to his child that he is wonderful? What kind of father is DISAPPOINTED in his child because he’s not what he hoped for? How can you deny that your child can be happy?

  6. Autism Parents™ are the worst, get your shit together… Don’t make a movie about this misguided abuse as if it’s anything to celebrate. Try to understand autistic people instead of forcing us into neurotypicality, you fucks.

  7. We do NOT need yet another ableist story from an allistic parent’s POV. We want autistic self-advocacy and better representation.

  8. Aby Retweeted Laurier The Fox

    I’m not saying raising an autistic child is easy, I actually have no idea what it’s like. But I know the reaction of that father to the autism of his son is profoundly wrong.

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  9. How can you be as ignorant as to know that anyone can feel love and that what you’re showing him is disgust and hate? How can you force things onto him because that’s what you’d do with a “normal” child? You’re a disgrace!

  10. You don’t love them if you’re causing them physical & psychological pain so that they appear to be “normal” to others. YOU ARE ABUSING THEM & I HOPE TERRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU! I hope your child receives acceptance & the real love they deserve.

  11. people are not broken. Stop abusing us & calling it love. “Failing to accept and trying to change or attempting to ‘fix’ someone who is not broken — no matter the intent — is not the same as loving them.”

    It has taken years to unravel and untie the clutter of psychological knots and trauma she left me with — and there are, no doubt, more waiting in the wings — but I can say with absolute certainty there’s a stark difference between a professed love and real, unconditional love. Failing to accept and trying to change or attempting to fix someone who is not broken — no matter the intent — is not the same as loving them.
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    Encore un thread cool sur le hashtag

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  13. Hé, je tenais à vous rappeler que la Différence Invisible de Mademoiselle Caroline et Julie Dachez est une BD de bien meilleure qualité pour aborder l’autisme.

  14. Si vous voulez une raison de plus de supporter le hashtag : l’auteur soupoudre allègrement son gâteau psychophobe avec de la mysoginie . Ici, dégustez le “ouin tes copines sont insupportables elles s’occuppent même pas de moi quand TU as accouché :'(“

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  16. [TW validisme, nourriture et autre ?] Je vais parler des gras de viande Parce que ça résume bien les choses Quand j’étais petit•e je mangeais de la viande Quand j’étais petit•e je pouvais pas manger un mini bout de gras à cause de la texture

  17. Plus j’en lis sur “les petites victoires”, plus j’ai mal… Genre vraiment, on essaie de nous servir à toutes les sauces comme ce père est courageux et aime son gosse… Purin c’est LUI qui est courageux…

  18. TW validisme à propos de comment c’est dangereux d’apprendre à des enfants que ce qui les fait souffrir n’est pas légitime, j’ai envie de raconter la fois ou j’ai passé trois semaines avec un bras cassé avant de réussir à demander et obtenir de l’aide

  19. Bcp de personnes autistes/handis ne veulent pas être “normal”. Elles veulent: le respect, ne pas être violenté, être valorisé pour ce qu’elle sont, être écouté etc Mais on leur à dit pour avoir une vie normal (cad comme nous) tu ds etre “normal”..

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