As Seen On Facebook | Autistic Child Put Up For Adoption. Again. This Time $$$ Incentive.


Please share this to your own Facebook page. We REALLY need help in spreading the word about this child.

There is a FINANCIAL GRANT for whoever adopts this child to help with the adoption costs. Write us for details.

*Ava is 7 years old and was adopted internationally three years ago. Her only diagnosis at adoption was deafness, which the orphanage admitted to falsifying so she would qualify for the stipend that the government gives to disabled children, and therefore have more money to her name when she aged out of the orphanage. Since bringing her home, her adoptive family has found that Ava has considerable disabilities, and they are not able to give her the focused care and attention she needs. They also have 4 other young children in the home, so they are unable to effectively parent Ava. We are hopeful that a family will step forward who has the time, experience, and resources to help this little girl become all she can.

Ava appears very friendly and social, but her conversational abilities and social skills are not quite what you’d expect from a 7-year old child. She was nonverbal when adopted, and has come a long way in her abilities to communicate. Recently, her speech therapist evaluated her and reported that she has the vocabulary skills of a 4-year old. Ava has an excellent memory for concrete/tangible things, and learns new things quickly, but is still cognitively delayed. Ava can be quite active, but will also sit focused for a good period of time if a toy or book interests her. She is curious about the world around her. When she is motivated, she exhibits hard work and sustained focus for short periods of time.

Ava enjoys music and singing and dancing very much. She likes to color and look at books. She enjoys puzzles. She prefers activities that provide a lot of sensory input such as spinning/swinging, dropping a ball repeatedly to hear it bounce, rubbing differently textured toys against her skin, etc. She has a good memory for concrete things and learns new things quickly. She is curious about the world around her. She can be very social, friendly and affectionate to those outside her family unit. Ava’s greatest achievements have been in the area of language skills. She now speaks in full sentences. She is intelligible to most people, and is able to greet people appropriately and carry on short conversations. She can remember and sing short songs and nursery rhymes. She occasionally engages in imaginative/pretend play. She can run, jump, and pedal a tricycle.

Ava receives private therapies, including behavioral, speech, occupational, and physical. Her family has chosen private therapy over using the therapies available through their local school district, because they don’t feel their district has the sufficient funding to provide Ava with the necessary therapy. We are hopeful a new family’s district can provide an IEP that will give Ava access to all the needed therapies. Please check your local school district for what they can offer Ava. Ava’s behavioral therapy center is covering many of the educational concepts and social skills she would be learning in Pre-K/Kindergarten. She knows her colors, the alphabet, and can count to at least 30.

Ava has several medical diagnoses including a chromosomal anomaly (10q26 deletion) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Please write to us for her full profile if you’d like to learn more about her.

For Ava, we are hoping to find a 2-parent family who has experience with children who need therapies and is familiar with how to obtain the financial aid Ava will need long term. We have a contact we can set you up with to help you figure this out in your community if you don’t. Ava also needs to be the youngest child in her new home, with no other children under age 9. Her family is hopeful that this new family will be Christian. It will be beneficial for this new family to have a strong support network of extended family, friends, and community. Ideally, one parent should be home most of the time in order to help Ava with all her therapies. If your family meets these guidelines, and you’d like to know more about Ava and our process of being pre-approved for her adoption, please write us at and ask for Ava’s “full profile.”

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in CT, MA, OR or DE. If you have never had a homestudy before, we cannot help you adopt this child. But, we would love to share with you the process of starting a homestudy so you could be approved for a child in the near future. Please write to us and ask us how to get started!

Adoption is a legal process so there will be costs associated. This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credits.
*To protect the privacy of our waiting children and their families, Second Chance does not share real names for our waiting children on the Internet. It is our policy to only share a snippet of a waiting child’s details as well as the type of adoptive family we are looking for. If you fit the POSTED REQUIREMENTS, are home study ready, and interested in adding this child to your family, please write to us for an honest, in-depth profile on the child including medical, educational, and behavioral information and learn the full story of why this child needs a secondary adoption. Our program social worker and program director have worked together with the child’s family to carefully set the requirements for the new family. These requirements are not negotiable, so please honor the needs of this child by not asking us to bend them for you.

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