Responsibility, Autism and a legacy of failure – The Autistic Advocate

By Kieran Rose, Founder of The Autistic Cooperative When it comes to Autism, how does responsibility fit in?  Who is responsible, who holds the power and what do they do with it? Those responsible for the narrative of Autism literally hold the lives of Autistic people in the palms of their hands, yet that responsibility … Continue reading Responsibility, Autism and a legacy of failure – The Autistic Advocate

#TakeTheMaskOff – The Autistic Advocate

On the 23rd July 2018, an international campaign will be launched. A whole summer dedicated to Masking... but not as we know it. Myself, Hannah Quinton from from Do I look Autistic Yet?, Christa Holmans, who is the Neurodivergent Rebel and Sara-Jane Harvey, the Agony Autie are joining forces because we want to encourage Autistic and non-Autistic people to learn about Masking. What is … Continue reading #TakeTheMaskOff – The Autistic Advocate

#TakeTheMaskOff | The Latest Headlines … Latest Headlines … #TakeTheMaskOff Sky News Interview with Autistic Hannah Molesworth- YouTube Talking About Autism and Masking – #TakeTheMaskOff – Neurodivergent Rebel #TakeTheMaskOff | autisticzebra #TakeTheMaskOff – The Autistic Advocate An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff – Neurodivergent Rebel Livestream Replay | Do I Look Autistic Yet? #TakeTheMaskOff #TakeTheMaskOff hashtag on Twitter

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Badass Contributors Eve Reiland As Seen On Twitter | Feel Free To Include This One In Your Court Docs Too @JennsFourLove, via @BadassActivist Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | #StrawBan, @CrippledScholar GoFundMe & The Disability Hate Wave From Burden To Badass: How I Became An Activist & My First Vlog (circa 2014) | Eve Reiland  John Greally Judge sides with … Continue reading Latest Headlines From Badass Contributors …