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CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) therapy is used by naturopaths (particularly homeopaths) who claim, without robust evidence, that it can treat or even cure people with autism. It involves a mixture of supplements, high-dose vitamin C, ‘orthomolecular support’, dietary restrictions and homeopathy and was developed by Tinus Smits who claimed to have used it to treat over 300 children with autism. The therapy became more notable in 2017/2018 because of regulatory action taken by professional bodies in The Netherlands, UK and Canada following a series of complaints about unfounded claims.

In October 2017 the Dutch Advertising Foundation (Stichting Reclame) found that the official website for CEASE therapy was in breach of advertising regulations.[1][2]

In the United Kingdom, the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) placed some requirements on the Society of Homeopaths (SoH) when they reaccredited their members’ register under their Accredited Register scheme, due to concerns about the way in which members marketed CEASE therapy. The PSA asked the SoH to confirm “what action it will take to ensure children are safe as a condition of its re-accreditation”.[3] In June 2018 the Society of Homeopaths published a position statement advising their members not to imply any cure of autism when marketing CEASE therapy.[4] It has been estimated that more than 120 homeopaths are offering CEASE in the UK though not all are SoH members.[5] In July 2015 the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found Teddington Homeopathy’s marketing of CEASE therapy in breach of the Advertising Standards Code.[6] The following month the ASA added the company to its list of non-compliant online advertisers for “making unproven efficacy claims for CEASE therapy”.[7]

In British Columbia, Canada, the Board of the College of Naturopathic Physicians investigated three CEASE practitioners [8] following complaints from the public and subsequently “determined that naturopathic doctors in British Columbia must not advertise or offer CEASE therapy”.[9]

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