We are a diverse collection of concerned non-partisan Canadians, comprised of Autistics, family members, and allies, who seek to alert Canadians and the world to the corrupt government practice and organizations.


CrAP was formed in 2017 as a response to actively oppose the Conservative Party of Canada and its very own, exclusive Canadian Autism Partnership Project (CAPP and CASDA)

Autism Speaks Canada Doesn’t Listen

The Conservatives who support “Autism Speaks alliances” and their cronies, (referred to herein as CRAP: Conservative regressive Ableist Party), along with the support of many well-meaning but deliberately misled Canadians, are still lobbying for $19 million in federal funds towards what is effectively a meticulously crafted party platform, with no substance and almost zero consultation with the people in whose name they seek to grow their wallets and power.


A call to action to protect democracy and human rights for ALL Canadian Autistics and their families. We refer to over a decade of misuse of public funds, partisanship, and breach of privilege, all at the expense of Autistic children, adults, their families, and fellow Canadians.


Autistics face an ongoing threat from self-proclaimed Autism experts, not only to the cause of equity for Autistics, but also to the future of rights for all persons living with disabilities, and to democracy for all Canadians and Global Citizens.  We think this is CrAP.  And we matter.

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