Judge sides with school that uses electric shocks on its students w/Note via John Greally

johngreallyContent Warning: Triggering comments from parents that are pro the electro-shocking torture of autistics.

Parents of children attending the Judge Rotenberg Center are today celebrating a lower probate and family court ruling that their autistic children can continue to be shocked dozens of times each day, each time “as a last resort”.

Parents in their brief to the court had asserted that electro-shocks were a ‘Positive Behavioural Support’. The State, opposing this animal-like torture, having received a 290,000 signature petition from autistics and allies, asserted violent shockings were clearly used hourly for “minor episodes of noncompliance”.

A group of parents, lifted by the lower court result, are now pushing for much more aversive/coercive centers to be established across the nation, to speed progress towards an autism-behaviours cure some day, or – if the State is to be believed – to wreak more severe revenge on more autistic children in a politico-legalised fashion.

— John Greally


Travis Metcalf
Andrew J Cool

Andrew J Cool Shut that place down or fire the staff involved.

Ikosaedra Volante

Ikosaedra Volante This is madness. Here in Europe it just could never exist. I had no idea that a school could do such a thing

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Let me get this straight. A parent can’t discipline their child without fear of being dragged into the legal system as a criminal but a school can use electro-shock “therapy” on a routine basis to gain conformity and compliance on that same child. This is torture, plain and simple. Are we being kept in line with cattle prods? Disgraceful. Shut It Down.
Adam Henderson

Adam Henderson what the actual fuck

Richard Hood

Richard Hood What idiots! Why would parents celebrate their kids being tortured! This place should be shut down and used as an Autism acceptance training school that all NTs must attend.

Karen Danielle
Karen Danielle No! That is barbaric!
Elle Alms
Elle Alms Omg. Massachusetts sanctioned torture. So now we have a return to the barbaric mental hospital torture methods. OMG. FDA get on it.
Shandi Dawn Treat
Shandi Dawn Treat Shocking kids?! Not just any kids but disabled kids that have extreme sensory issues?! Anyone who thinks this is ok should not have kids let alone be around them! This school needs to redo it’s staff or just be shut down altogether. The teachers responsible should have their licences revoked too.
Mileena Stablein Âû

Mileena Stablein Âû Shock therapy I know from friends who experienced it for mental illness causes significant potentially permanent memory loss, brain fog, and anxiety every time it’s done.

Nicole Tavares
Nicole Tavares I was bLockedManage
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Camilla Johansson
Camilla Johansson Wow. And here I am, trying to teach my son to *be* non-compliant.


 Camilla Johansson
Camilla Johansson Unless the article is too long, would someone be so kind as to copy/paste? Apparently I can’t read it in my “region” (Sweden).
George Szelest
George Szelest Shock them bastards
Anders Lund Olsen
Anders Lund Olsen Is this an old case? I have seen a horrible video from this center many years ago. And NO! I don’t want to see it ever again. :,(
April 12 2012 on youtube.
Anders Lund Olsen
Anders Lund Olsen If the child is unable to “do the right thing” because of autim, the punishment will go on for ever. 😦 no 
Jonathon Lark
Jonathon Lark Wtf what the actual fuck this isn’t 1890
Mitch Smith

Mitch Smith Fuck the courts, shut the school down and hold the staff AND the parents without trial. Shock THEM several times daily, make THEM suffer. I’m done with civility, I’m done with compromise, it’s time for fucking revenge.

Angie Moore

Angie Moore I would be under the jail if that was my son, that is child abuse and a arcuaic treatment. Parents and the judge are abusing those kids.

Tj Jones
Tj Jones Just try it with my ASD granddaughter you will meet Smith and Wesson


Suz Swanson
Suz Swanson This is fucking bullshit!
Kimberley Hunter
Kimberley Hunter Anyone who supports this should be subjected to it for the same amount of time as one of the children.
Mary Kenneally

Mary Kenneally sick cunts

Jeffrey J Starr
Jeffrey J Starr Why can’t anyone shut that hellhole down?
Miriam Bayliss

Miriam Bayliss Well, I feel. The parents should have to be locked up in the same place and shocked all day to the maximum everyday that a person has ever received, and as I understand it that’s a significant amount. And when the protest and show non acceptance and therefore non compliance they should be shocked again.

Clare Nolan
Clare Nolan There aren’t enough swear words in the world!!!
What a bunch of inhuman cretins. Especially the parents. How f@#king dare they do this to another person, let alone their own child!!!!

Burklee Green
Burklee Green How long before they’re “humanely” killed by the state? This shit has got to stop.

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