The Worst You See – An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance

Looking into my eyes

Tell me, what’s the worst you see

Is it the hate, the pangs I got when I see you

Addicted to the pressure, I despise your name

Pointing out my mistakes, calling out my flaws

Aren’t you the one to talk, flawed and fatally

Depressed and recessed into a shell of you

I poke at the wounds, hoping to find the truth

I’m bold that you, molded that way

Determined to be loved unique, one day

Like the hair on your head that grows stronger

I take small steps to confidence in the words

Not I love you, for that magic is fleeting

But I like you, because there’s nothing I’d like

More than being with a good friend forever

Is it the differences between us

The color of our skin, or what’s behind belts

Honest evaluations are hardly dealt with

In perfect acceptance, but in acceptance

Can growth be found, the mind comes around

Motivated by difference, but beasts nonetheless

You crunch the pain away, I crunch words

Into portable pain for the internet to see

Little mixes of message and mirage you feel

I’ve taken big steps in these words, confidence

Abounds in the power that levitates from them

Not I like them, but love them

Because of the people they connect me to

Could it be you

Could it just be me, wishing for whatever again

Drowning in the pouring rain

Believing your interest is just deranged

The attention may be in vain

But I keep doing the same

Till I’ve raptured your brain

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