Kate Spade’s Death Makes the End-of-Year School Craziness Seem Sane | w/note via Eve Reiland


I’m so sick of seeing people write shit like this about Kate Spade’s death.

So disconnected and tone-deaf, and if Kate Spades’ death scares you — go get an education — carrying a fucking handbag proudly does not help anyone living with severe mental illness.

It won’t even help you if you become ill with depression or other.

In my travels, it seems to be a certain category of women writing from the standpoint of privilege and ignorance.

— Eve

I couldn’t stop searching about her online. I felt like a psychopath, jumping from one site to another, even playing newsreel clips, hunched over my laptop while sitting cross-legged on the couch in my jammies, all four kids asleep, trying to find out more. Why had Kate Spade killed herself? Why?! . . . 

 All I know is that sometimes it takes a big whopping jolt like this to make me look at myself more closely. I see myself in my Kate Spade dress, holding my Kate Spade purse, and have to assess how much I’m letting my own issues get to me. …

… I’m not ready yet … but soon, I’m going to pick up my favorite Kate Spade bags again and wear them proudly just as I now look fondly at old pictures of my girlfriend.

I’m going to bring my navy little purse with the gold zipper to my son’s “moving up” day next week as a reminder of all that we have, all that we’ve lost, and how to appreciate every moment with our kids, before things get in the way.

Source: Kate Spade’s Death Makes the End-of-Year School Craziness Seem Sane

Comment posted by me:

I highly encourage you to take classes at your local National Alliance for Mental Illness chapter (NAMI) for more information. (to note: As a person living with severe mental illness, and an activist to help break the stigma, I’d like to highlight using words like psychopath, crazy, insane are slurs . . . and promote stigma.)

There’s so much folks don’t understand about mental illness, but the information is more available— and classes like peer-to-peer and family-to-family and such. Now actual help in the medical arena is … well homelessness and prison for those of us with severe mental illness is usually the plan of care available.

For help, there’s not much, or absolutely nothing, and money/fame doesn’t make any difference. There’s simply not adequate help or support If you’re autistic, like me, you’ll be turned away from emergency psychiatric care due to lack of autism training or such, so our #1 cause of early death is suicide. Worldwide. Our average lifespan is about 26–43 years …

1 in 5 will experience mental illness in their lifetime.

1 in 17 live with a severe mental illness.

I am that one. And I wish this on no one. But highly encourage if you have kids NAMI has a first breaks/transitional age class and you will learn how that might present, patterns, support networks, etc. — eve

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