Autistic Pride Day On US TV News … Oh, nope. “Awareness” repeat & cue donation ask | WTNH

Today is Autistic Pride day and this weekend you can support a Connecticut non profit, helping people with autism, all while enjoying a summer concert.

Source: Autistic Pride Day – WTNH 

And so I wrote them a letter …


Hey, thank you for recognizing #AutisticPrideDay — though, I think you don’t quite understand the concept. This is not an April awareness rehash, this is Autistics and Autistic Pride — it’s part of our 30-year civil rights movement. Not fundraisers for organizations created by non-autistics.
That’s for April. Autistic want our own day with our persons, culture, community and history celebrated. I saw none of that and need to point out – I’m Autistic and we are in a revolution. World wide.
We have an International Charter of Human Rights and it’s our backbone of the movement. It’s the flag we wave today;
If you need to find an autistic to interview on these types of things, please reach out. I’m a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative and networked to Autistics worldwide and can help you find a local Autistic adult to interview. Organizations are not our gatekeepers. Please ask us questions.
To help with understanding our culture, community and history more – please visit
International Autists Human Rights Charter
The Autistic Cooperative

And if you weren’t aware, the real Autistic crisis is suicide is our #1 cause of early death.

Our average lifespans are 26-54, we make up about 10% of the homeless population, and many of us live our lives with jail as an institution. Worse, often there’s no help for Autistics and we’ll get turned away from emergent care and be sent home in a crisis state to make it or not.
That’s the real autistic crisis worldwide. Our culture, community and revolution is the core of #AuitisticPrideDay.
And if you want to see what the rest of the Autistic crisis looks like:
Thank you for your time.
Eve Reiland


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