As Seen On Facebook |  Nikki Osborne: ‘… In a way it’s the way that parents keep their children away from the riff raff ‘ via @moondyne

‘I mean it may be an outdated way of viewing it, but in a way it’s the way that parents keep their children away from the riff raff.’

In a way going to private school is a way parents can maintain their social networks.’

– ‘Autism Advocate’ Nikki Osborne, when asked why parents might choose to privately school their children.

Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa Thompson Sounds classy. Friend of yours?

Samantha Connor

Samantha Connor Google her with the word autism. She’s every autistics friend, according to the autism mommies 😀

Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa Thompson I don’t need to google the ignoramus. I follow Sam Connor on fb 😉 how vile can one woman be?

Edna VanPyrite
Edna VanPyrite Far out. 🤮
Amy Norcliffe
Amy Norcliffe I hate any of this shit what not to say to a parent of crap.
Not everyone is the same or over sensitive or has something to prove
Amy Norcliffe

Amy Norcliffe Yes cause we don’t get riff raff amongst rich kids ? Having money makes the totally immune to things like drugs and stuff mm ok.


Jodie Sleeps
Jodie Sleeps Oh didn’t you know? That’s why the government wants to withhold Centrelink payments from people until they’ve passed drug tests. .. because welfare recipients are just rolling in cash. .. (eyeroll) 🙂
Leonie Gaye Hitchenor

Leonie Gaye Hitchenor They are really in for a shock about the kids at private schools.

Carole Robinson

Carole Robinson In a way going to a private school? while I bang my head on the nearest hard surface.?

Try doing what every Mother with a young child does – talking to folk at the school gates, oh and stop being a dick.

Katty Delaware

Katty Delaware I’ve tried to articulate my thoughts on this person several times but I’m almost stuck for words. There is so much wrong with what she is doing. And The Therapy Store promoting her? Another place to boycott!

Samantha Connor

Samantha Connor ‘Nick Taylor’ is the guy that runs it. Nicholas James Taylor.

Leonie Gaye Hitchenor

Leonie Gaye Hitchenor Had a boss years ago whose kids were at a very expensive grammar school. Her son was growing dope for his mates on their bush block & other kids in his grade had a bike stealing racket going, going round town nicking expensive pushies then selling them on to make party money. I removed the dope plants for his parents while he was at school, he must have wondered who took them, lol.

Laura Dell

Laura Dell Private school = the kids can afford allll the drugs, their parents get them off when they’re caught, and they’re really, really good at bullying without teachers noticing.

Belinda O'Connor

Belinda O’Connor …and with those skills they then go on to run our country and set the policy narratives.

Brita Kirsten Phillips

Brita Kirsten Phillips I went to both public and private schools and I took far more drugs at private school hahahaha

Danijela Turner

Danijela Turner Visualisation……It’s early morning and Australian households are up and awake. Hundreds of thousands of parents are helping their kids get ready for PUBLIC school whilst watching the Mornings show in the background. An interesting discussion comes uSee More

Lisa Parrey

Lisa Parrey My kids went to Catholic and private schools due to smaller class sizes and ability to better support their disabilities. Some of the public schools where we lived over the years had very back reputations for violence etc and I knew with their disabilities, bullying would be rife. Nothing to do with riff Raff or snobbery, it was to ensure a better level of education and getting their best start in life

Wendi Wicks
Wendi Wicks This woman gets more and more unendearing every time she opens her mouth to be gratuitously offensive. Look Sam, ultra happy to give you guys the gold medal for this- we will not compete
Karl Clay-Hannah Cooper
Karl Clay-Hannah Cooper Sounds like they want to create a public school atmosphere full of “riff raff”, because some people are superior to others.

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