As Seen On Facebook |… it would have been a hella different thing if your mama did this to you. via @moondyne

Samantha Connor

I want to do a compilation of women’s faces when they are reacting to Nikki Osborne comments.

Nikki on feminism – (upon viewing two women filmed at an ATM turning on their attacker) ”I think this is the perfect ad for PMS relief – he got the wrong girls on the wrong day of their cycle – you know what it’s like. Live in fear!’

Then when asked if comfy pajamas are sexier than lingerie – ‘Well, my husband always says you don’t look at the turkey when you’re stuffing it…’

‘I think that survey has been influenced by hipsters, most men would prefer women in their lingerie than their jimmy jams or onesies…

This woman shouldn’t be a spokesperson for anyone.

NB. Nikki, if you’re uncomfortable with being mocked for saying the wrong thing, being socially awkward, being totes weird – then think about how you are cashing in on your baby boy right now and how it’s going to affect him on the reruns later.

Cos you can laugh at yourself, I am sure – but it would have been a hella different thing if your mama did this to you.

Tahina Smith Omg she is disgusting


Amy Norcliffe
Iris Parker
Iris Parker Ewwww…
Edna VanPyrite
Edna VanPyrite She’s the Constance Hall of Autism Mommies™️.

Susanna N Martin Flanagan replied · 14 Replies
Kellee Filan
Leith McMurray
Leith McMurray I suspect she is on the Spectrum herself…
Bob Johnson replied · 1 Reply
Kiah Wolton-Phillips
Kiah Wolton-Phillips Has she been dumped by the “Special Child” conference thing yet?

Danijela Turner
Danijela Turner Apparently, a decision will be made by the end of the week on that one – however if they decide to keep her as a presenter, I think a protest on the day of the Expo outside the entrance would be in order.

Peta  Green
Peta Green Chloe you down?
Kara May
Kara May Is it just me or did she write her own wikipedia page? Cos like the girl has <7000 followers on Insta and a whole wiki page

Clare Noire
Clare Noire She might have bought her followers.
Kiah Wolton-Phillips
Kiah Wolton-Phillips Shall we send her this:Manage
No automatic alt text available.
autism warrior parent

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