Screen | Activist to Brava: The Media Has Only Ever Shared Nikki’s Side …


There has been a lot of public discussion about this show, but the media has only ever shared Nikki’s side of it.

No doubt she has a stronger publicity machine than the many, many individual Autistic adults who have been ridiculed and vilified on her Facebook page and in other fora for expressing our concerns.
Nikki has frequently agreed *in principle* to meet with the Autism community to discuss our concerns, then ignored all follow up requests, continuing to call us “trolls”, and not acknowledging that our issues with her content are usually not what she’s been presenting in her interviews.

We have never objected to humour about Autism – in fact, we support and thoroughly enjoy the many Australian Autistic comedians. Nikki’s show – the one I heard, at least – was … not a celebration of Autism.

It included two uncomfortably racist segments in addition to stereotyping Autistic people, not to mention the five minutes or so she spent vilifying her “trolls and critics” … that is to say, her son’s Neurotribe.

Please, Brava – don’t suppress our side of this story. At least publish this comment.

You could also showcase some of the incredible achievements of the women in the Autistic community. You claim to present “women’s voices across cultures”.

Autism is seen by those who are Autistic as a subculture defined by a neurological differences and a largely shared view of the world that is somewhat aslant to the dominant culture, and tends to be defined by a broad acceptance of difference and a rejection of hierarchy and social norms.

It’s a fascinating place, and well worth exploring – but not through a neurotypical person’s eyes.

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