FB Screen |St Kilda Comedy Club: What A Load Of Trollop … You Clearly Have No Clue …

35145971_484233488674602_2607434096615358464_n (1)

St Kilda Comedy Club:

what a load of trollop Autum, you clearly have no clue as to the context of the show, Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for Rain Man, why dont you start there and work your way back to the little hole you came from and stop tring to silence someone OWN life experiences, many parents of kids on the spectrum have seen the show and now dont feel so alone in there experience.

Sharon Binns:

It was a review. She’s allowed an opinion of the show.

Narelle McCaffrey: 

St Kilda Comedy Club, Autumn saw the show and wrote a review based on their perception of it. isn’t that what reviews are for? And  how do you know they aren’t a parent of an autistic child?



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