FB Screen | Reviews of Nikki Osborne’s Show on St Kilda Comedy Club Page


Bonnie Cameron:

I have seen some pretty lame comedy shows but even the worst have made me laugh at least a little.

Not Nikki Osborne. her show was not even remotely funny.

Aside from the apalling amount of swearing (seriously saying the f word a lot doesn’t make you funny) she’s disgustingly disrespectful of her own children and has completely ignored #actuallyautistic individuals.

She even went as far as attacking who had tried to speak to her about her show. Change her topic to LGBTQ+ and she would never have been booked.

And gone one St. Kilda’s Comedy Club, deleting comments that don’t agree with what you want to put out there makes us all wonder just how much backlash this horrid woman has actually received.

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