As Seen On Facebook | Quotes From The Powerful Mind of “Autism Advocate” Nikki Osborne, via @moondyne

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If you are saying that it’s okay to go to a ‘comedy performance’ where a mother of an autistic kid encourages you and all the other non-autistic people to laugh at her kid’s autistic traits – well, that’s fine.


Just know what you’re getting into, and who you’re supporting. That’d be a woman who is describing your child as someone who is a ‘can short of a six pack’ and saying that the ‘wheel is still turning but the hamster’s dead’.

Who knows? You might just be one of the families that Nikki Osborne is talking about here.

But hey, if this is your official and elected spokesperson to represent your children and the rest of us who are ‘on the spectrum’, ladies – you go right ahead.

Image description: A picture of Nikki Osborne holding a fidget spinner on her thumb and looking bemused.

Quotes from the Powerful Mind of Nikki Osborne –

Nikki Osborne on eugenics:

‘See, I tend to think on the flip side, with physical abilities…two swimmers breed, they have a good swimmer. there are some families that you meet and the wheel’s still spinningbut the hamster’s dead… it tends to go through the family mind…they’re a can short of a six pack, do you know what I mean?’

– Nikki Osborne, 2013

You can watch the Today Show video here –

Samantha Connor
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Iris Parker

Iris Parker Oh no, that’s terrible. 😦

Felice Vaiani

Felice Vaiani She needs a fidget spinner put in a very uncomfortable place.

Kel Bel

Kel Bel She’s metaphorically prostituting her child for a cash cow gain and it’s absolutely abhorrent.

Danijela Turner
Danijela Turner Well, ironically she was fired from the Mornings show after she didn’t suit the ‘target demographics’ of the show but then another ‘showbiz’ opportunity came along…
Lyn Roseman
Lyn Roseman Blech! 🤢
Annessa Mortensen

Annessa Mortensen Is this chick related to the orange dipshit who is our current president here in the U.S., Samantha? Cause he says sh*t like that all the time.

Peta  Green

Peta Green What is she trying to do with her face?

Kiah Wolton-Phillips

Kiah Wolton-Phillips I don’t know what the issue is Samantha. I, for one am SO happy to have such a positive “autism awareness” advocate speaking up…… yeah, I’m lying 🤥

“Stop worrying. He’ll turn out fine.”
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Leith McMurray replied · 9 Replies · 4 hrs
Jax Jacki Brown

Jax Jacki Brown Wow. She really is something

Peta  Green

Peta Green Isn’t she just? She’s promising to post more pretty dresses on her Instagram.

I don’t know what she means by “more”

Julie Lowe Lim

Julie Lowe Lim No wonder she was dumped.

Julie Lowe Lim
Julie Lowe Lim “Powerful mind” “Autism Advocate”??? who dubbed her that?… I hope that’s a sarcastic joke… please….
Catia Panetta
Catia Panetta Gobsmacked, what is this?!?!?
Peta  Green
Peta Green Catia have you missed out?
Catia Panetta

Catia Panetta Peta I saw something earlier about her saying she was David but didn’t know exactly what she was saying. What a shocker

Catia Panetta
Catia Panetta Meaning beyond David
Peta  Green
Peta Green Total disaster she is
Catia Panetta

Catia Panetta Peta im so confused now because I thought autism awareness Barbie was parody

Peta  Green
Peta Green We didn’t realise there was a human form

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