Correction: Parent Exploits Autistic Child On Video in Nikki Osborne Story – [TW: exploitation, bad parenting, escalation, autistic illiteracy] | YouTube

Correction: The video titled “severe autism” embedded in the story includes a child and parent that aren’t Nikki and her son.

The folks and purpose of this inclusion of child exploitation is unknown at this time.

The parent and child were originally identified as Nikki and her son. It is not.

[TW: I don’t know how to define the warning, but parent/autistickid/meltdown/autistic illiteracy and escalation)So on a recent article, Nikki Osborne submitted this video of her Autistic child, for what purpose I don’t know — had it labelled “severe autism.” To what purpose did she share this? I’ve done my best to blur the child’s face — the original does not.

Banned: A comedy show about autism

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