#AutisticActivists Report | TAC Founder, John Greally, Reports From NZ on Nikki Osborne Front


Jjohngreallyohn Greally Reports: 

( 7Hrs Ago At Time of This Post)

I got six people to write, mentioning their roles and work for autistics and parents also, to My Special Child, recommending 5 autistic speakers in place of Nikki, and for a lower fee no doubt too.

They responded just now with the same message to all 6, and probably all the other autistics who have written also:

“Hi John, I have been speaking at length to the other people who have gotten in touch with me.
I am currently looking into this and once I’ve looked thoroughly into it I will make an informed decision.
Thanks for getting in touch and providing more information on this.”

I would say that seems to currently lean towards prepping us for an eventual negative – Nikki will be preferred over unanimous autistic expressions of disgust.

“I am taking this matter very seriously.

Nikki has already offered to withdraw, however I feel I have an obligation to thoroughly look into the matter before making a decision that could ultimately either damage my own reputation that I have worked very hard to build or ruin the career of someone.”

Please bare with me as I take the time needed to look into the matter thoroughly.”

Thank you to the 100+ who have put best foot forward and caused Nikki to offer to withdraw.

As you know by now, Nikki claims she is gathering from autistics sufficient material for her next show which will rage against Autistic PC’ism “Gone Mad.”

Nikki was pro-stigma, but now wants to double-down and be know for pro-hate.

John Greally, Autistic Activist and Co-Founder of The Autistic Union
John Greally | Jeremy Samson


“John and Jacquie,

As the ambassador to My Special Child and Founder of the Time 2 Train Aspergers Program here in Australia. Ambassador to Aspergers Victoria and as individual living on the spectrum.

I attended Nikki’s first show, I understand greatly why so many are quick to see the negative. I understand Nikki’s background as someone in the entertainment industry. And yes Nikki is simply trying to look at the bright side.

I am disappointed so many “autistic” individuals struggle to see the “big picture” and clearly are quick to assume, judge and innacurately accuse. Quite frankly as someone with Aspergers (now overcome) I am disappointed by those in the autism community for their behaviour.

It is not acceptable or professional! Now I am working closely in helping Nikki with her approach so there is a greater understanding between the autism community and comedy. And it is so important for even people on the autism spectrum to simply have a bit of a laugh.

Of course sometimes the best of us don’t always get things perfect. But there is no need for jumping on some “hate train”.

I am a guest speaker at My Special Child Events and will continue to support the awareness for helping those with special needs. This includes the autism spectrum.

I sincerely hope that you have the maturity and common sense to cease further negative comments regarding Nikki’s work and focus on yourself and your own work as I am sure you would not enjoy it should anyone critise you and your work in anyway shape or form.

Jeremy Samson

Managing Director Time2Train
Ambassador My Special Child
Ambassador Aspergers Victoria, Australia”

John Greally, Autistic Activist and Co-Founder of The Autistic UnionJohn Greally replied:

Genuine autistic advocates and activists have long been saddened by your growing willingness to seriously distance yourself from a whole global movement, to go your own happy-chappy way with lots of hardening-up stuff, motivational shibbilisms, ‘it’s ll up to you‘ messages, inspiro-porn, fresh air and exercise cures, Jeremy.

That’s why they don’t support you, in case you ever needed to wonder, why your income-deriving efforts are never going to be seen as anything like valid autistic interventions and advancements.

I know they provide some indelible comfort to parents and the like, but they are neither authentic, organic, or needed.

Every movement has it’s Kerry Magros (Autism Speak$ clown-autistic), and John Elder Robisons (Magnetic Mesmerism pusher).

But such exceptions, including yourself, only serve to prove a rule – autistics want nothing of Nikki or any other anti-acceptance individual.


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