As Seen On Facebook | Omg I can’t believe it! There’s a new cure for autistic children . . . via @AutismAwarenessBarbie

“Omg I can’t believe it! There’s a new cure for autistic children – find yourself a donor (I use my own, because mommaautismwarriorpoop can’t be wrong, right?) and give your autism angel enemas full of your own strained poop!

There are some helpful suggestions on the internet about asking a stranger and I really like the idea of asking Father Brown from your local church to donate!

All those skeptical people who say that it should only be used for people with diseases like C.diff* and that we should send off our ass apples for expensive testing for dangerous pathogens – well, they don’t know the power of a smoothie blender in a bathroom!

I ate four cans of alphabet spaghetti the other day and had the BIGGEST vowel movement you’ve ever seen!

Then I whizzed my bum brownies up in a batch for my happy flappy chappie (Mr ASD/4/ADHD/PhD) in my trusty blender, tied his feet to the towel rail and wow just wow – he had an AWESOME explosive bowel movement which was the best thing I have ever seen! Hereditary diarrhoea, it must run in our genes!

If you go full poopmomma and fish your rectum warriors out of the bowl, you can join the#autismmoms who are bleaching their kids’ bowels at the same time!

Your baby will be less autistic in no time at all! Eighteen autistic kids in Ohio can’t be wrong. Light it up brown!”

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Image description: A smiling Barbie holding an enema bottle. She is beside a toilet that has a blender on the lid. Brown splatters cover the walls and her shirt. There is an emoji poo symbol on the bowl of the blender.

*Note which is not from Autistic Barbie – this is a working treatment for C.diff under strictly regulated safety conditions.

IMPORTANT: Autism Barbie is a satire site and we recommend against any of the abusive ‘treatments’ that are routinely performed on autistic children against medical advice. Including this one.

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