As Seen On Facebook | Thoughts? I’ve never heard of her. – Comedian barred from event after autism comments, via @NeurodivergentRebel

 – anyone care to “quote” her comedy in the comments below – since the article doesn’t share?

About this article


ACTOR and comedian Nikki Osborne has continued to defend her stand-up comedy show about parenting a child with autism after she was this week barred from speaking at a Brisbane disability expo.
John Aggett
John Aggett I have not heard of her either but I think it would have been useful to for the article to quote some of her material that has offended since it is impossible to make a decision without knowledge.
LisaRose Martin

LisaRose Martin That’s what I was thinking too. Lots of comedians talk about their kids because kids can be super funny if they have a quirky sense of humor, and more often, because parenting is hard, and laughing is one way to deal with our flaws and failures. For yeSee More

John Aggett
John Aggett LisaRose Martin that is the problem, given she has been barred from attending an Autism conference I am inclined to think it must have been bad, but at the same time I also wonder if people are taking whatever she did say the wrong way.
Kyle Standerfer
Kyle Standerfer This smells of Autism Mom bullshit so bad


Kylie Fields

Kylie Fields




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Tess Freyja Moodie
Tess Freyja Moodie There are many Australian autistics who can tell you about her work. Not good at all.
Faith Rivers

Faith Rivers I’m older…here’s how I feel: if we want to be treated just like anyone else: full inclusion….then that comes with the good and the bad.

There’s a big difference between making fun of, hurtful verses, including child in the fun…making fun. See More

Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll I have heard her and I didn’t like it.

Dawn Czarnecki Seshadri

Dawn Czarnecki Seshadri It seems like a publicity grab. But WTH was with that video at the end of the article (“Living with severe autism 2”)? Unless I totally missed something, it was way out of context.

Saskia Steidel

Saskia Steidel It shouldn’t be called “On the Spectrum with Nikki Osborne ” in the first place, since she’s not on the spectrum. So the name alone already makes no sense. That being said, I haven’t seen what she does. I’m not sure if I could handle it right now if it’s bad.

J David Hall

J David Hall As the Dad of three autistic persons, I have within easy reach of memory, a virtual mountain of stories – some of which perhaps would even make for good comedy.

And yet, no one will ever hear them because they are not my stories to tell, they belong to others. Too many parents do not understand this, fail to recognize the dignity, the humanity of their own children.

My part to play in the life story of my own children – and to others, is to be an encourager, guide where I may. More than anything else, to come alongside when invited, delight in them as fully human fellow persons.

The End

Lydia Reeves
Lydia Reeves Joking about adults in your life…ok, they can tell you where to get off if they don’t like it. Kids cant defend themselves in the same way, autistic or otherwise, and I don’t thats on. And I’ve said that about a comedian over here who jokes about how ugly his very young daughter is. Just bad lazy comedy using too easy a target for cheap laughs. There is no political point behind it so, just lousy comedy.
John Jones
John Jones This article is poorly written . . . it says nothing about the actual comedy show itself that would let me judge one way or another . . . and the attached video is so out of context . . . it’s horrible and it’s obviously not the same person we’d just bSee More
Lynn Lowery
Lynn Lowery Just from this clip, it sounds she panders to the “spank the autism out of them” crowd.
Brandon Wulff

Brandon Wulff I thought it would end badly

Tess Freyja Moodie

Tess Freyja Moodie Honestly she makes me 🤮.

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