As Seen On Facebook | Nikki Osborne is a minor entertainer who is currently cashing in on her autistic child … via @moondyne

Nikki Osborne is a minor entertainer who is currently cashing in on her young autistic child on the comedy circuit. In a show called ‘On the Spectrum’, she tells crowds stories about her autistic kid, talks about how astonishingly quirky he is and throws in some drunk Aboriginal jokes for good measure.

Predictable outcome. Autistics respond with measured outrage about lack of informed consent, argue that Nikki saying ‘we are all on the spectrum’ is problematic, say that they resent her oversharing and mocking autistic traits, object to the objectification of autistics by allistics for their own amusement.

Cue Nikki saying she’s been ‘bullied’ and ‘attacked by trolls’ – she makes these claims in almost every news article she’s done, and certainly in the comedy sphere. I haven’t seen anyone be even close to disrespectful and there was certainly no bullying. When a disability expo cancels her speaking gig in response to commentary by autistics, she responds with a now deleted rant on Instagram saying that she’s hated because she wears pretty dresses and that she’s being bullied by a group of autistic ‘Goliaths’. ‘I’m the fucken David!’ she shrieks, a single tear coursing it’s way through her makeup.

What’s particularly irksome is that Nikki is now billing her show as ‘controversial’ and using that trademark inspo-pity to cash in, with hundreds of paaaarents flocking to her side. Awaaaaareness, you see. It’s important.

I’ve decided to amplify Nikki’s voice, because that single tear shouldn’t have been deleted. It’s important that minor celebs aren’t bullied by minority groups (‘the silent minority’, Osborne hilariously billed us).

And after all – she’s the fucken’ David.


Ailsa Rayner

Ailsa Rayner One tear

Jo Ragen

Jo Ragen one tear .. sounds like a song title

Edna VanPyrite

Edna VanPyrite I want a shirt. How please may I shirt.

Edna VanPyrite replied · 2 Replies
Sarah Hansford

Sarah Hansford On the threads that I was involved in, not once did I bully or name call yet all her friends (who are also members of the Australian film industry) called me ‘fucking stupid’ and other things and pretty much made fun of me. I have the screen shots.

Vanessa Jędruszek Âû

Vanessa Jędruszek Âû Amazing shirt is amazing!!!

Vanessa Jędruszek Âû

Vanessa Jędruszek Âû Fuck her and her bullshit.

Danijela Turner
Danijela Turner 🤮 to Osborne’s ‘awareness spreading but 🤣 to your t-shirt
Shaye Connor

Shaye Connor Did she delete it?

Joanne Dacombe replied · 1 Reply
Akasha Temple Âû

Akasha Temple Âû Oh my, one big shit storm …

Jo Russell

Jo Russell I need that shirt!!!

Monique Blakemore

Monique Blakemore If I wear pretty dresses can I pimp my kids lives for headlines and matrydon?

Wendi Wicks
Wendi Wicks What a disgraceful wee lass she is.
Danijela Turner

Danijela Turner Oh…the possibilities are endless re the NO line of t-shirts stemming from her nonsensical phrases…’We are all on the spectrum somewhere’…….’Autism is trendy’ 🙄.

Jacqui Rose replied · 1 Reply
Kiah Wolton-Phillips

Kiah Wolton-Phillips We should maybe do some media of our own where her little insta video gets shown and the copies of the abusive messages her sycophants sent

Wendi Wicks replied · 1 Reply
Danijela Turner replied · 2 Replies
Tina Merraine

Tina Merraine That photo show the best side of her face.

And a big 🙄🙄🙄 over this thing. Geez she doesn’t understand.

Jodes Barney

Jodes Barney Next she be saying she’s got plenty of drunken Aboriginal friends 😳😳😳😳😳… who with high level of hearing loss and Deafness will be saying ain’t her name David?? Who been give a girl name David !!! !!!

Danijela Turner

Danijela Turner The child is only 6 years old. She’s got between now and his adolescence to brainwash and manipulate him into believing that he is ‘public property’ after which time god help her if her child starts to see it differently. Perhaps our next younger generSee More

Sharon Binns replied · 1 Reply
Michelle O'Brien
Sarah Barton
Sarah Barton I know some of the people she knows in the film business and some of the comments I’ve seen from her and them are very disturbing, nasty and show a complete lack of humility and willingness to learn and engage with the autistic community. It’s like the idea of anyone challenging her is an outrage.
Kiah Wolton-Phillips replied · 7 Replies
Sharon Binns

Sharon Binns But you’re bullying her Samantha! 😋



Danijela Turner replied · 13 Replies
Jessie Cran

Jessie Cran URRRRRGH.

Can I be controversial by offending autism mommy bloggers if I do standup? 😀 😀 😀 See More

Gary Kereidgw
Gary Kereidgw I see a half smile there … You are mellowing
Samantha Connor replied · 1 Reply
Monique Blakemore
Monique Blakemore Samantha Connor, Nikki says she does not want to be the face of autism but the 11 members of the group ‘support nikki Osborne’ may disagree.
Jessie Cran replied · 3 Replies
Danijela Turner
Danijela Turner Just came across this on my newsfeed. If any of you will be in Melbourne on 24th August, Osborne will be a presenter at the My Special Child Conference 🙄
Jessie Cran
Jessie Cran Arrrrrgh. No. WHY?!
Danijela Turner
Danijela Turner Jessie Cran The person who runs the page My Special Child was not aware of all the controversy surrounding Osborne. Osborne and her followers had deleted a lot of nasty material coming from their end but that is why we have screenshots, right? Anyway, See More
Eve Reiland
Eve Reiland OMG, I’m in awe of your awesomeness!!

2 thoughts on “As Seen On Facebook | Nikki Osborne is a minor entertainer who is currently cashing in on her autistic child … via @moondyne

  1. Gary Evans says:

    I’d like to see a version of Osborne’s ‘Adequate Mother’ tshirt done as Exploitative Mother or Opportunitic Mother. I would also like to see a campaign to have her removed from her glamourous homes tv show. Terrible that a commercial network would support someone who so upsets rhe community.


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