Active Minds, Where’s Your Ethics? Do Better Than This.


Anthony Bourdain took us around the world and helped all of us experience new places and cultures through the lens of curiosity and openness. Kate Spade was a female entrepreneur who showed so many of us what is possible when you dream big.

These high-profile losses are felt globally, and they help us recognize just how deeply tragic suicide can be. And while their losses are heartbreaking, everyday people around our country and the world are grieving the loss of a family member, friend, or colleague to suicide.

According to new data from the CDC just released yesterday, the number of suicides are rising sharply in most of the US. People are taking note and talking about mental health now more than ever. At Active Minds, we are leading the conversation with an important message: Mental health issues are real, and suicide is preventable.

Suicide is a public health issue that demands our attention. Tragedies like what we have seen just this week can be devastating and leave us wondering where we go from here. Here are some actions you can take as you make sense of these losses for yourself.

  • Check in on yourself. If you’re struggling, at any level, there’s never a bad time to ask for help. Start by talking to someone you trust. You can also text BRAVE to 741741 for free crisis support, or call 800-273-TALK (8255) for yourself or someone else.
  • Learn the warning signs for suicide so you can recognize signs in a friend, family member, or yourself.
  • Ask someone you care about how they’re doing…and listen. You don’t have to be an expert to help, you just have to be there. Active Minds has resources to help you start the conversation.
  • Do something. Share resources with friends and help promote positive messaging on social media.
  • Support an organization that is doing this meaningful work everyday. Give of your time and money at whatever level is comfortable. If Active Minds is that organization for you, we deeply appreciate your support.


We’re on this mission together. Thank you for being part of this life-saving work.


Alison K. Malmon

Founder and Executive Director


OMFG. Tragedy marketing for donations much?

This is wrong. The families and loved ones of Bourdain and Spade are just starting to get the words out of their mouth that they’ve lost someone to suicide. Here you are shoving the tragedy/donation marketing down our throats.

I’m a peer and have battled my own to stay alive. Many times. The disrespect you show these people is unbelievable.

Stop asking for donations on the back of famous people’s suicides. Check your ethics.

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland

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