Social Anxiety Fear Hierarchy – The Bipolar Writer

I wanted to share something with my blog that I am working on with my therapist on my social anxiety— a social anxiety fear hierarchy. The point is to first look at the fears related to my social a… Source: Social Anxiety Fear Hierarchy – The Bipolar Writer

I’m a Quitter | Stim the Line

It’s official. As of Saturday, I will officially be a non-smoker. I’ve been smoking on and off since I was 16, and while I’ve quit before, it’s never lasted more than few ye… Source: I’m a Quitter | Stim the Line

Our Pride: Honoring and Recognizing Our Two Spirit Past and Present – Rewire.News

As we enter into Pride month under a particularly tyrannical administration, only by acknowledging not only our existence, but the centuries of our resistance to the white, heterosexist, gender binary, will we move closer to the decolonization of Turtle Island and completion of the circle our ancestors began for us. Source: Our Pride: Honoring and …