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Social media is the perfect communication tool for autistic people

“I’m autistic, and I struggle with communication.

If there’s a misinterpretation to be made, I’ll make it.

I’m forever being offended – and offending others in turn – simply because I’ve misunderstood the tone of a conversation.

But online I can read a comment several times, look for the context against other comments around it, and then write a response with a reasonable expectation of not completely messing up.

Social media enables people with a similar experience to me to have a social life without having to leave the house.

If I’m struggling and feeling alone then I just have to click through the #actuallyautistic hashtag on Twitter to find others feeling the same, or offering support and advice.

Another bonus is that I can quite literally switch people off when it all gets too much.

No more sitting through hours of small talk out of politeness, or looking rude because I can’t hide my boredom.

With internet friendships, others rarely get offended if you don’t reply to their messages for hours (or even days or weeks, in my case).

Social media really is a lifeline in so many ways for me and for many other autistic people.”

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