The Emperors New Clothes | the asperger path

The repetition is the hard part. You would have thought I would realise by now but that pattern hits me like an abstract every time. I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m bemused. A cle… Source: The Emperors New Clothes | the asperger path

Michael Jackson’s Estate Sues Disney Over Documentary

Michael Jackson’s estate sued ABC, Inc. and the Walt Disney Company Wednesday, claiming it did not authorize the use of the late musician’s music videos and songs for a documentary that aired earli… Source: Michael Jackson's Estate Sues Disney Over Documentary

Dyeing paper – yarn and pencil

I thought I’d write a short post on paper dyeing. Haha 😄 most of my posts are short! I use these papers in my journals because I like the antiquey look and it makes for a interesting journal.… Source: Dyeing paper – yarn and pencil

Parents Insist Son’s Death Was Preventible: Tried To Get Him Help Numerous Times. Not Dangerous Enough, Yet Ended His Own Life While Mother Struggled To Stop Him – Pete Earley

(5-11-18) Pat and Jerry Wood insist their adult son’s death could – and should – have been prevented. Instead, on this coming Mother’s Day weekend, the family will be holding a  private memorial for Brian Patrick Wood. Their account is one of the most disturbing examples that I have read about barriers to treatment – notClick …

Crunch Week, With Ducks – Eclectic Autistic

This last week felt like a marathon run at a sprinter’s pace. My work schedule became something of a crunch just as I was finishing up the last week of my school semester. But finish it I did, and … Source: Crunch Week, With Ducks – Eclectic Autistic

Flow Breakdown: Adding captions to images in WordPress for iOS – Ryan Boren

  I usually publish to my WordPress blogs via Ulysses on both macOS and iOS. Occasionally, I check out the state of the WordPress app and’s Calypsoweb interface on iOS. A litmus flow for me is image captioning. WordPress iOS App In the screenshot below, three freshly uploaded images are shown in the editor. When I tap an image, I see Edit …