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Source: California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Today, the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services voted to approve a number of California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) budget proposals.

Today’s votes show the Senate’s commitment to securing the health of our most vulnerable communities. As lawmakers move closer to the final negotiations, we urge the legislature to finish the job of fully funding Health4All.

Senators voted to fund key CPEHN budget issues in the 2018-19 budget that will increase access to health coverage, prioritize preventative health measures, and improve data collection methods that increase accountability. Notably, they approved Health4All Elders, building on the success of Health4All Kids, as California takes a leading role in valuing the health and dignity of all residents.

Access & Coverage:

  • Health4All (Elders): Provides Medi-Cal coverage for individuals age 65 and older, regardless of immigration status — $75 million in 2018-19 and $150 million annually thereafter
  • Medi-Cal Aged & Disabled Program: Create a “bright line” of income eligibility and parity for elderly and disabled Medi-Cal beneficiaries with other adults — $15 million in 2018-19 and $30 million annually thereafter
  • Immigrant & Refugees Mental Health: Support community engagement in mental health among immigrants and refugees — $670,000 annually

Preventive Health Measures:

  • Asthma Preventive Services: Funds asthma education and home assessments by community health workers — $2 million annually
  • Proposition 56: Tobacco Tax Revenues: Relieves administrative burden on local health departments launch Oral Health Plans — $40 million in supplemental payments for adult preventive services

Data Collection:

  • API Demographic Data Collection: Ensures vulnerable Asian and Pacific Islander sub-populations are counted — $1.4 million one-time
  • CHIS Children’s Data Request: Include health data specific to children in the California Health Interview Survey — $750,000 one-time

Last week, the Assembly released an early version of their budget priorities which partially funds Health4All (young adults) and other policies that will help make health care more accessible and affordable for Californians. Next, lawmakers will negotiate before the June 15 budget deadline.

For more information about CPEHN’s policy campaigns, including bills and a budget tracker, visit:

Questions? Please contact Jillian Rice, Communications Manager, at or (916) 447-1299.


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