How To End The Autism Epidemic: WHO IS J.B. HANDLEY? TIME TO REMEMBER. | John Greally



By John Greally, The Autistic Cooperative Founder

johngreallyREMEMBER that Handley was the other founder of Jenny McCarthy’s cult-like ‘Generation Rescue’… sent to do a job by A$ founders as they shied away from mercury/vaccine talk to protect their position in the science establishment, protect the funding they receive for ghastly unethical science practices, to do a job they could not do without getting unnecessarily mucky hands. Never a word of criticism for GR or Handley or McCarthy from A$.

REMEMBER that A$ sent John Donvan and Caren Zucker to author ‘In A Different Key’ solely to counter Steve Silberman’s ‘Neurotribes’, simply a paid Hit to undo a great work with underwriting provided by A$ informally. Not a word against Donvan and Zucker written by A$.

REMEMBER that Handley is the herald of how vile autistic’s are in his perspective and that of his readership. Handley, for the hoary old-guard of anti-autism, is still the leading merchant out spreading the idea that autistics are diseased, empty, the negation of what it is to be human, a ‘tsunami’ of brokenness, heading to be the sole type of being ‘alive’, a world crisis, an epidemic, and not an epidemic that can be countered by vaccination in the usual way, but this time by extermination, neuro-cleansing, quarantine, castration, prevention, eugenics, viral payloads, defeat, destruction.

REMEMBER Handley is an assassin, not a scientist. Handley pushes Aluminium as the ’cause’ of Autism, without ever once properly pausing to consider or rebut the utterly vast evidence for the overwhelming role of genetics. You simply cannot expect an assassin to go all ‘balanced science’ on you. He has a bullet to put in your head for the sake of others, very wealthy anti-autistic cults and cabals.

REMEMBER Handley’s failed claims from the past. For those of you with autistic grandparent(s), parent(s), vaccinated and unvaccinated siblings and relatives… the following graphic from Handley is still what he <pushes> as the real ’cause’, having admitted how he was misled or totally wrong about carpet cleaning chemicals, attenuated viruses, mercury (thimerosal), synapse pruning, immune deficiency.

REMEMBER, his goal is to hate, not provide reasonable explanations, to latch on to whatever ’cause’ he can find that has mileage and can carry him forward to ramming his hate into the autistic and autism communities (which are not the same thing – because the same hatred he flogs has divide what should be united.)

Heh, Handley, a__hole, come sue me with you millions. My address for service is on my FB ‘About’ for all to see. Come and lose badly.

~ ʎllɐǝɹƃ uɥoɾ

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