Remembering Fallen Heroes: A Preventible Tragedy That Resulted In A Detective Who Helped My Son Being Murdered – Pete Earley

(5-4-18) Not a May passes when I don’t recall the deaths of Fairfax County Police Officers Vicky O. Armel and Michael Garbarino who were ambushed by a mentally troubled young man armed with an AK-47 during an attack May 8th, 2006 at a police station near my home. They were reportedly the first Fairfax Police officersClick …

Autism Is A Disability; Penguins Can Fly | Autistickish

First, I should explain explain what I mean by disability. The way I see it (for now, and until I encounter the sort of evidence that could change my mind), the idea of disability is best conceptua… Source: Autism Is A Disability; Penguins Can Fly | Autistickish