Rage – jake allen sharp

When rage bubbles up from inside and you don’t know if you should hide or let it take control and just enjoy the ride.

Guilt when your anger subsides, the consequences realized. Lies are lied, tears are cried, moral compass is defied.

You can deny your own wicked heart, we have from the start, thats what tore us apart, but it pierces my soul like the point of a dart, I bleed out my puddle of art.

Rage subsided.

Heart divided.

Stains on my hand.

Blades in the sand.

Hands of time, sands of time, each grain reminds, what was left behind. Have I lost my mind, or is it a dream, ripped at the seams, the rage bubbles away into steam. I close my eyes and believe all my lies, rockaby, baby rockaby.

Source: Rage – jake allen sharp


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