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Source: FWD: Call in TODAY to #StopTheShock!



The call in day to stop the shock is happening RIGHT NOW! If you haven’t already, mark yourself as “Going” on our Facebook event—we’ll be posting tips on calling, and updates about what’s happening in real time. You can find more information about how to call in the email below, as well as a wide variety of ways you can take action once you’ve called.

Every day that the FDA doesn’t release a rule banning GED shocks, people with disabilities in the JRC continue to be tortured. Over 50,000 individual community members and 231 organizations have joined us in demanding a stop to this torture. Join us as we raise our collective voice as one and tell the FDA: this ends now.

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From: Autistic Self Advocacy Network <>
Date: Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 3:13 PM
Subject: 📱Tweet today and Call-In TOMORROW to #StopTheShock 📱


This Autism Acceptance Month, our community has come together to push for a rule banning the use of GED shock devices on people with disabilities in the Judge Rotenberg Center. We’ve taken action in a huge way. We have called, emailed and tweeted—and, thanks to your hard work, our petition calling for the rule stands at over 45,000 signatures.

Thanks to you, we are building unstoppable momentum as we approach the fourth anniversary of the FDA hearing that led the agency to recommend banning these dangerous devices. You have made it clear that our community will not allow this torture to continue. But the FDA is still stalling, so we need to keep the pressure up – we can’t stop now!

TOMORROW is our second call-in day to #StopTheShock, and there are lots more ways to participate once you’ve made your call. Here’s how:

  • Call the office of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb at (301) 796-5000, and ask the FDA to release the regulation. You can use this script:My name is [NAME] and I am from [City, State]. I’m calling on Commissioner Gottlieb to ban the GED shock devices used at the Judge Rotenberg Center. The FDA has had a final rule to ban these devices ready since 2016, but the Commissioner still hasn’t released it. Every day, disabled people are being tortured with these devices. Commissioner Gottlieb needs to immediately release the rule banning the GED. We’ve waited long enough.Make sure to join our call-in day TOMORROW! Mark yourself as “Going” on the event page to get reminders, scripts and tips to make calling easier.
Tomorrow marks four years since the FDA heard testimony from experts and survivors about the cruel ways these shock devices are used, and the permanent harm they can cause. It marks two years since they wrote the regulation that would ban the devices. Every day the FDA fails to release the rule, our community members held in the Judge Rotenberg Center are being tortured.They can’t wait another year for this injustice to end, and neither can we. Join our call-in and keep taking action to let the FDA know: we won’t stop until they #StopTheShock!

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

PO Box 66122

Washington, DC 20035

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