Evaluating mental health parity and access in California

Source: Evaluating mental health parity and access in California

NAMI California CEO Jessica Cruz testifies in support of SB 1363
Senate Governance and Finance Committee - SB 1363 - NAMI California CEO Jessica Cruz testimony
NAMI California sponsored bill SB 1363, which would allow NAMI CA to provide CIT training for law enforcement through a NAMI CA fund listed on state tax forms, went before the Government and Finance Committee yesterday. Click on the video above to see some of the hearing, including NAMI CA CEO Jessica Cruz speaking to its benefits. The bill passed this committee 6-0. Stay connected for updates as this bill moves through committees in the Legislature. To watch the full hearing, click here .
Mental Health in California: For Too Many, Care Not There
California Health Care Foundation has released a report evaluating issues of mental health parity and access in California, including disease prevalence, suicide rates, supply and use of treatment providers, and mental health in the correctional system. The report also highlights available data on quality of care and mental health care spending. Click here for full report . You can also see highlights in the video below:
Mental Health in California: Too Often, Need Does Not Match Access
Cultural Competency & Responsiveness Webinars
Looking to engage diverse racial and ethnic communities in an empowering and equitable manner? These webinars aim to equip NAMI members, affiliates, city/county staff, and the community at large with the tools and information needed to engage diverse communities. All webinar training sessions are guided by trained presenters and provide opportunities for live participant interaction.
Webinars may be attended as a series or individually, depending on the needs and interests of your organization.
To register for a webinar, click on the webinar’s link below:
NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy Focus Group
For past NAMI Smarts for Advocacy participants we would like to make you aware of an opportunity to participate in a focus group. This group will help develop and enhance our current advocacy materials to include the voices of individuals from diverse communities. We are looking for roughly 30 individuals to participate and will have the capability of offering virtual participation.
  • Participants will gain knowledge of relevant and unique issues of diverse residents in their communities and learn how to best advocate on behalf of such issues with local and state-level decision-makers.
  • Local NAMI Smarts programs will be able to market an enhanced program that addresses issues relevant to diverse communities, increasing their own capacity to reach diverse communities and/or train more effective advocates.
  • Participants must have completed at least one NAMI Smarts for Advocacy Module
  • Participants must have approval to teach class from Affiliate Leader
Click here to complete the Focus Group Interest Form.
CALMHSA releases request for proposals:
Innovation Technology–Outreach and Engagement
CalMHSA is searching for original ideas for a three year project that would allow for increasing access to mental health services for unserved and underserved groups, via technology-based mental health solutions accessed through multi-factor devices to identify and engage individuals, provide automated screening and assessments and improve access to mental health and supportive services focused on prevention, early intervention, family support, social connectedness peer support, and decreased use of psychiatric hospitals and emergency services.
Register for the NAMI California Annual Statewide Conference
June 1 – 2, 2018 in Monterey, California.
Send Program Inquiries To:
NAMI California Office: (916) 567-0163
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