Dispatches From The Autistic Front | April 4, 2018

Dispatches From The Autistic Front | April 4, 2018

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Campaign by Emma

Autistic adults want to support parent’s feeling ostracized from the community.

Parents who children and adults may have more challenging behaviours and less communication than most.
We want you to know #WeSeeYou and want you to join us for support and education in a new open group called Autism Inclusivity.

With Kieran Rose John Greally Kate Gaster Olympia Ellinas and Alex Forshaw

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Mind you this comes after Activists Have:

Autistic Spoken Word: Eve Reiland reads a piece she wrote dedicated to Whitney Ellenby, author of “Autism Uncensored: Pulling Back The Curtain.” | #elmomom


#ElmoMom Reports Autistic Activist To Office Manager To “According to the law” & Advise Efforts, CCs PoliceWatch@Autism.com, Feds, FBI Watchlist


And Whitney Ellenby, non-autistic author of “Autism Uncensored,” Continues To Use Privilege & Power to Silence Autistics With Email Request | #elmomom #boycottkoehlerbooks


Meet #CaptainFreeSpeech aka John Koehler, publisher of “Autism Uncensored” by Whitney Ellenby | Memes


#ElmoMom @koehlerbooks is a Violator of Autist Human Rights.



Feature 3: Kieran & Family Episodes 6 & 7


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