Dispatches From The Autistic Front & Related Videos & Links | April 03, 2018

Quick Dispatches

  • Reports of Less Blue Seen – Like a lot less
  • What we are seeing? Posts like this!!! ❤


Dr. Melanie Penner on Twitter: “Just changed my #AutismAcceptance talk from person-first language to identity-first language after listening to #ActuallyAutistic voices on Twitter.”

Latest In Activist #hashtags 


Source: #growyouracceptance hashtag on Twitter


Source: #AutismIs hashtag on Twitter


Emma-and-DamienCampaign by Emma Dalmayne

Autistic adults want to support parent’s feeling ostracized from the community.

Parents who children and adults may have more challenging behaviours and less communication than most.We want you to know #WeSeeYou and want you to join us for support and education in a new open group called Autism Inclusivity.

With Kieran Rose John Greally Kate Gaster Olympia Ellinas and Alex Forshaw

From The Creative


BBC Journalist goes undercover to investigate Autistic Quack Cures & interviews Autistic Activist, Emma Dalmayne | BBC (Video)


Autistic Activist, Emma Dalmayne, Was At UK Parliment Today and Chatted With BBC Journalist, Guy Lynn | A TAC Founder & Co-Founders involved too!


Emma Dalmayne & Barry Sheerman Harmful Interventions report launch – YouTube


Published on Mar 30, 2018

An interview between Barry Sheerman MP, chair of the Westminster Commission on Autism and Emma Dalmayne, CEO of AIM (Autistic Inclusive Meets), shortly after the launch of the short report on entitled ‘A Spectrum of Harmful Interventions for Autism’ by the Westminster Commission on Autism. The full report is available for download at:
More information available at:



Remember #BoycottAutismSpeaks? Here’s Why Autistics Were Ignored & Muted by Home Depot | #AutisticSilencer


#AutisticSilencers | The Spin Cycle of Autism Speaks & Partners Marketing


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