Remember the #BoycottAutismSpeaks campaign? Here’s why Autistic People were Ignored and Silenced By Autism Speaks Sponsor White Castle . . .


Saw this image compiled by Autistic Ambassador, John Greally, posted and wanted to share some insight to why our #boycottAutismSpeaks and ask for human rights were, and are right now, being ignored and actively silenced.


White Castle donates $500,000 to Autism Speaks from sales of the Slider-scented candle created by NEST Fragrances. Pictured: Bob Wright, Suzanne Wright, Marci Ingram, Bill Ingram, Laura Slatkin, Harry Slatkin and Martha Stewart. (PRNewsFoto/White Castle)

Let’s Start with “Sponsor” . . .

White Castle & Autism Speaks Board Member:  Jamie T. Richardson



Jamie T. Richardson | Autism Speaks Board Member & Vice President of White Castle

Vice President, White Castle System, Inc.

Jamie Richardson joined the White Castle home office team in 1998. He serves as vice president of White Castle System, Inc., with responsibilities for government affairs, shareholder relations, public relations and corporate philanthropy.

In recent years, Mr. Richardson has led White Castle’s involvement in entertainment projects including “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,” “Undercover Boss,” and “Impractical Jokers.” Mr. Richardson is frequently quoted in major print and broadcast media on restaurant industry perspectives on current events and policy issues. He serves on the board of Family Enterprise USA, the National Council of Chain Restaurants and the Ohio Restaurant Association, where he is chairman of the board.  In 2014, Mr. Richardson was named the National Restaurant Association’s Advocate of the Year, and in 2016, the National Council of Chain Restaurants’ Ambassador of the Year.

In addition to serving on the Autism Speaks board, Mr. Richardson is active in his community, serving on several charity boards. He is vice chairman of the YMCA of Central Ohio Board, and serves on the American Red Cross National Philanthropy Board.

Mr. Richardson has demonstrated a powerful passion and commitment to Autism Speaks over the past several years, spearheading White Castle efforts that have raised more than $4 million. He has testified before the Ohio State House of Representatives and worked with Autism Speaks board member Laura Slatkin to create the Original Slider White Castle hamburger-scented candle – an effort that has raised awareness and more than $350,000 for Autism Speaks.

As a fourth generation “family member-in-law,” Mr. Richardson invests his time and passion in the White Castle vision of remaining a family-owned business for generations to come. Mr. Richardson and his wife Kate live in Mount Vernon, Ohio and have five children, Brendan, Chloe, Mary, Grace, Maggie and Finn.

WCSI439266_Candle_Image_Resize_v2WHITE CASTLE® BREAKS FUNDRAISING RECORD FOR AUTISM SPEAKS®-breaks-fundraising-record-autism-speaks

Family behind White Castle shares their autism journey


White Castle® Joins Autism Speaks® to “Light It Up Blue”®-joins-autism-speaks®-quotlight-it-bluequot

White Castle® Joins Autism Speaks® to “Light It Up Blue” for April Fundraiser

White Castle Supports Autism Speaks with Original Slider-Scented Candle

wcSince 2010 the annual autism fundraising campaign has raised more than $3 million for Autism Speaks

White Castle Candle Helps Raise Autism Awareness


3 thoughts on “Remember the #BoycottAutismSpeaks campaign? Here’s why Autistic People were Ignored and Silenced By Autism Speaks Sponsor White Castle . . .

    • Eve Reiland | BadassActivist says:

      Are you familiar with the autistic civil rights movement? I am working on putting together past campaigns and efforts specific to those efforts to help others understand. Autism Speaks is a hate group for autistic people. Their history towards us is atrocious and their network have silenced us. This is part of that and if you are interested, search #REDinstead and you’ll find the campaigns autistics have been involved with here. Right now I’m sorting about 8k articles on a redesign to get information more cohesive – also, here’s a video that might help with autistic voice


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