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(Published 2015)

First, you’re not stupid. You’re going to be one of the most brilliant people you ever meet.

Right now, most folks don’t understand how you think because you’re more abstract to their concrete. Don’t fret. In your 20s, you’re going to learn about this thing called the Internet and code, launch websites and participate in the technological wave that changes society. You’re going to find your niche, culture and place.

You’re also going to lose it all to something called PTSD. Still, don’t fret. You’ll get it back again and have a far better understanding of humanity, the world and what life should really mean.

It’s a tough road, but worthy of walking. With a brain like yours, though, you have to pause and assess: is it a trail you’re blazing or are you running away again?

Here’s how you know: If you look back and see loved ones on the way up, you’re creating the right path. Those folks, even when you feel desperately alone, have got your back. Wait for them. If you see dust and crickets, go back and try again. Always go back and try again.

Eve Reiland

P.S. You’re Pansexual


By Eve Reiland

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