Remember the #BoycottAutismSpeaks campaign? Here’s why Autistic People were Ignored and Silenced By Autism Speaks Sponsor Tommy Hilfiger . . .


Saw this image compiled by Autistic Ambassador, John Greally, posted today and wanted to share some insight to why our boycott and ask for human rights get’s ignored and actively silenced.

Welcome to Money & Power.  – First up Tommy Hilfiger …



autism-img-2.jpgLet’s Start with “Sponsor” & Autism Speaks Board member:

Tommy Hilfiger

Principal Designer, The Tommy Hilfiger Group


“Mr. Hilfiger has a longtime passion for philanthropy and, through the global TommyCares organizations, the Tommy Hilfiger company supports various international initiatives and charities, including Save the Children, Autism Speaks and the World Wildlife Fund. “


Powered by Love: T-shirt designed by Tommy Hilfiger supports the Autism Speaks Walk

Autism Speaks board member and advocate Tommy Hilfiger has designed a T-Shirt exclusively to support the 2017 Autism Speaks Walk, which promotes understanding and acceptance, while helping to raise funds for research and resources for every stage of life

Tommy Hilfiger creates clothing line for people with special needs

In Spring 2016, iconic designer Tommy Hilfiger launched an adaptive clothing line for kids with autism and other special needs. That clothing line proved to be so popular that in Fall 2017, Tommy Hilfiger expanded his adaptive clothing line to include adult sizes.

Tommy Hilfiger, along with his wife Dee, are Autism Speaks board members and have long been autism advocates.

“My family has been affected by autism and the experience has enlightened me to their needs”, Hilfiger said in an interview with “I thought – wouldn’t it be great to take our (Tommy Hilfiger) styling and make it adaptable for children with special needs.”

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