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The daily tumult of autism can discombobulate a home and drain a bank account—hidden costs that experts don’t even factor in when discussing the economic impact of autism. This family admits it starts shedding cash before dawn.
By Jill EscherWhere did all my kitchen rugs go? It’s 3.20 in the morning and as usual, I’m awake. Not by choice but because, like clockwork, my sweet, nonverbal 18 year-old son with autism woke at 3 and started running, some might say rampaging, around the house. Boom, clomp clomp, tap tap tap, whoosh door opens, slam door closes, ugh.

I pat around my nightstand, reluctantly find my glasses, and head downstairs, not knowing what mischief may have transpired over the past 20 minutes. These wee-hour melees can be a bit like a suspense scene in a not-very-scary horror movie. Open the door… what will we see… probably not a severed head… but….

And there it is. My kitchen rugs are gone.

Jonny’s sitting at the kitchen table with a big grin and four iPhone 3GS’s splayed out before him. Shredded parmesan, once neatly bagged in the still-open fridge, is strewn over the table and floor, as if some yellow snow had fallen from the light fixture. With a well chewed pink toothbrush he taps at his iPhones, all synced to that 1979 tune, My Sharona.

Well, I’m happy he’s so happy, but… my half-awake head buzzes, “Where are my rugs rugs, rugs rugs rugs, where did they go go, go go go? My Sharona.”

Over our north neighbor’s fence? Over the east one, aka the Corner of No Return? In the hot tub? It’s now 3.25 a.m. and I’m not exactly in the mood to treasure hunt floor coverings. And I can’t help but wonder, Oh great god of missing rugs and whatnot, what reverse jackpots will the chaos of autism bring today?


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