Fundraiser for Joshua Winkler by Marilee Adamski-Smith : #StopTheShock

Source: Fundraiser for Joshua Winkler by Marilee Adamski-Smith : #StopTheShock

Members of the national disability rights group ADAPT are outside the home of FDA Director Scott Gottlieb demanding that he release the regulations that would immediately end the use of an electric shock device to control disabled children and adults at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. The FDA wrote the regulations to stop this in 2016, but has delayed them.This disability rights action started on March 9, 2018. Activists, most of them wheelchair users are weathering freezing temperatures at night time.

They are committed to helping the disabled children and adults who are confined at the Judge Rotenberg Center. The activists are planning on staying at the location for however many days it takes and not leaving until the FDA releases the rules to ban the shock torture device.Many of the activists traveled to Washington DC from all over the nation using a one way ticket. The activists need support with items such as food and water during the day, and hand and body warmers and thermal blankets during the night. Your donation will go towards these purchases and help them get back home.

One of the activists Jordan Sibayan would like to appreciate your support of the cause. Contributions of $20 and up will be eligible for a signed 8 x 10 copy of one of the four art pieces (see above). The art piece will be signed by the artist Jordan Sibayan and by other members of the ADAPT Collective on site. If you would like a copy and contributed $20 or more, please email to have your copy mailed to you. Please distinguish which one you would like or if you would like a random one.

Please help us to stop the torture and stop the shock at Judge Rotenberg Center!

Marilee Adamski-Smith
National ADAPT Media Chair

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