And Whitney Ellenby, non-autistic author of “Autism Uncensored,” Continues To Use Privilege & Power to Silence Autistics With Email Request | #elmomom #boycottkoehlerbooks

Autism Ambassadors Are Asked To Silence Autistic Ambassadors by Whitney Ellenby



Elmo Mom Email (.pdf) – 

From: Whitney Ellenby


Date: Mar 18, 2018 at 5:11:24 PM

To: Whitney Ellenby

Beloved friends, I have a little news to report and a sincere ask. The news is that my book, “Autism Uncensored: Pulling Back The Curtain: 2018” is beginning to ship out.

Here’s the ask – if you have not already done so, please order the book! All proceeds on my end go directly towards funding the Ambassador Events.

Amazon link.

Here’s the news:  My very candid description of my experiences have generated controversy among a select group of adults with autism who are petitioning to get my publisher to pull my book.

They have been harassing me and my publisher for weeks,  hateful and profane emails and posts, totally unwilling to have and open discussion with me. None of these people have read the book and the same group has petitioned against every parent-authored account of autism, even to the point of insisting that the kids get removed from their parents. 

My position is that whether or not they, or anyone, approves of my candor, they have no right to silence my voice simply because it makes them uncomfortable.

As I explained, I cannot speak the truth and simultaneously protect their feelings, so I chose the former. My publisher is small and independent, and the threats to his business are unnerving, so I desperately want to prove that the risk he’s taking in publishing my story is worthwhile.

You can read the first two chapters here to understand my mission, just click on the heading, “Autism Uncensored” and scroll down for a “look inside.”

Authors webpage: www.

With gratitude and solidarity,

Whitney Ellenby

Autism Ambassador



4 responses to “And Whitney Ellenby, non-autistic author of “Autism Uncensored,” Continues To Use Privilege & Power to Silence Autistics With Email Request | #elmomom #boycottkoehlerbooks”

  1. Are you sure that the only reason a small # of Autistic Adults have an issue with your book is because the rest do not know about it, or can not afford a copy?

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