Remember #BoycottToSiri Campaign? Here’s How Autistics Were Silenced By

By Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US) and founder of







Remember Judith Newman, author of “To Siri with Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines?”

How could we forget #boycotttosiri, right? Many Autistics continue to struggle with Judith’s ability, influence and power to silence, smear and dehumanize Autistics. And wow — she pulled in some mighty damn powerful friends to silence Autistics too. $$$


Judith coordinated a silencing attack with Editor, Sarah Harrison Smith, on Autistic 1-star reviews. 

Then Judith unleashed a hate wave across social media towards Autistics and minimized the civil rights movement to Trollgorhtymn.

She also did some circular logic to distance her stance on eugenics. Then instructed and coordinated friends to report autistic reviews on Amazon and how to leave 5-star reviews





At the same time Judith Newman was gaslighting the Autistic community on The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism Facebook page. Where she offered to help Autistics as much as her platform would allow.

What Autistics Got?

(Spoiler: Total Haterade & Media Silence.)

We Got: Judith Newman’s Anti-Autistic Money-Grubbing HateBrigade.

Mind you, these weren’t just any friends … Nope, these are billionaires, publishing houses, media and even


So while Autistics were advocating for our Autistic Human Rights — we were silenced by privilege, power, ableism and a complete blackout of the campaign in media (again) – other than a note in an article about quietly restricting reviews when the book “Fire & Fury” was released. And an article in Rocky View Weeklywhich may be written by the journalist Judith Newman threatened






Judith Newman did have an interview on NPR “Here & Now‘s” with Robin Young where the campaign was finally mentioned in mainstream media. 

Other than that, it’s been The Great Autistic Silence on the #boycotttosiri campaign.

And has taken a stance against the #actuallyautistic and actively silenced us. 





eve reiland 600Note from Eve: SO why is silencing Autistics?

Who’s benefiting from’s silencing of Autistics?

Smells like an Autism Speaks partnership to me. Smile partnership, autistic robot stories, Autism Speaks Walks, Siri, Echo, Autism Speaks, adaptive technology, samsung, mircrosoft . . . 

IDK, something here is stinkin.

More from Autistic Activists on #boycotttosiri


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