The Difficult Road From Self-Publishing to a Traditional Deal | Koehler Books Publishing #elmomom publisher

Here at Koehler Books, we often receive submissions that have already been self-published. Many times, frustration with searching for a traditional deal or an agent leads the author to self-publish without properly preparing their book with editing, a professional cover, and an audience raring to buy it. Afterwards, there tends to be some self-publishing remorse. Check out Jane Friedman’s article, below, to learn how important it is to know what you’re getting into when you self-publish. How to Secure a Traditional Book Deal By Self-Publishing By Jane Friedman Here’s the brief answer to the title of this post: Sell a lot of copies, strong five figures, if not six figures. Sell so many copies that traditional publishing is potentially less profitable for you than self-publishing. Few people like the brief answer, so here’s the long answer. By far, the No. 1 consulting request I receive is the author who has self-published and wants to switch to traditional

Source: The Difficult Road From Self-Publishing to a Traditional Deal | Koehler Books Publishing


John Koehler is the Koehler Books founder and runs its day-to-day operations. He is an award-winning graphics designer, and the author of seven books. He was awarded the lifetime achievement Silver Medal by the Advertising Federation of Hampton Roads in 2016. He earned a BFA in Communications Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and attended graduate studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. John’s professional career includes being senior art director of a major advertising agency and running a design studio. John lives in Virginia Beach, VA and is active in his church. He has helped run a ministry dedicated to helping children with disabilities, a cause he is still very much dedicated to. John made an international splash in 1991 by winning the Boomerang World Championship in Perth, Australia and was a member of the Foster’s Boomerang 2000 Team, a touring troop that taught professional athletes, and others, the gospel of boomerangs.John-smile-close-small.jpg

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