Autistic Child Abuse | Emergency Alert | Autistic Child, age 3, being poisoned with Chelation


Update: (8:46 pdt)

CPS has been alerted, police have been dispatched and there’s now an ongoing investigation. This will be the last that can be shared with the #AutisticsMomsRise Child Abuse Report Network.


Local news networks have been sent the alert.

Note: This person has been reported to authorities for Autistic child abuse.  The time to stop using autistic children as lab rats is now. #AutisticMomsRise

ACC stands for Andy Cutler Chelation.

Many thanks to Emma Dalmayne, and many others, for attempting to help this child. 

The child is 3 years old.

emma dalmayne


Transcripts in process. 




What happens if your child throws up or spits out part of a chelation dose?? – Kayla Feledie





Kayla Feledie try giving him  less at a time in the syringe. I was hitting the back of my son’s throat and that was causing him to gag so we do less and slow so he’s almost sucking it out if it makes sense. – Dana Thomas Summers  


Dana Thomas Summers We don’t put the syringe far back into his mouth. It doesn’t happen often, I just want to be prepared and know what to do if he does. – Kayla Feledie 


Kayla Feledie gotcha. I agree … try to estimate amount lost and continue w rounds unless you feel the child is sick. Then you’ll want to stop and increase vit c *winky face* — Dana Thomas Summers 


Jennifer Lynn sometimes when I give supplements he’ll gag (from the taste, we’re syringing everything) and sometimes gets spit up.  We will be starting chelation in 2 weeks. — Kayla Feledie


I hope he gets better at it. We during everything too. What I have found with my littles. If I give them a  drink of OJ or Mango juice (our chaser) first to coat the tongue and throat before the suppment then gagging is less. If you dose the chelator along (just juice and chelator) you probably won’t get gagging on that — Jennifer Lynn


How would u have any idea how much that is? — Kayla Feledie


Kayla Feledie Just estimate the best you can. if the child threw up because sick, I’d consider ending the round. — Jennifer Lynn


Jennifer Lynn sometimes when I give supplements he’ll gag (from the taste, were syringing everything) and sometimes some gets spit up. We will b starting chelation in 2 weeks and I’m trying to figure out what I’d do in that scenario. — Kayla Feledie


I hope he gets better at it. We during everything too. … – Jennifer Lynn


I approximate  how much I think  came back out, redose it, and keep going.  — Caroline Rochester Dickens

Dana Thomas Summers

Jan Martin


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