#AutisticsRise | The Autistic Revolution Starts Now – (FB Livestream)

The Autistic Revolution Starts Now –
(TW for all thing terrible)

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First up, Autist Human Rights . . . 

and for as long as my brain allows me to speaka words out of my mouth, talk about today in activism – maybe a spoken word about sensory overload experience, and #autistichistory article by Jim Sinclair to be read.

#elmomom #boycotttosiri

Articles mentioned (sorry no translations for my conversation stuff yet. trying to find support for this area. ):

International Charter of Autists Rights & THE 10 POINTS OF Âû (The Autistic Union)

Don’t Mourn For Us,” by Jim Sinclair (1993)

The Autistic Crisis News & Notes

#AutisticsRise Latest Headlines

#AutisticMomsRise Latest Headlines



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