Autistic Tragedy Narrative | The Cooper’s Voice “Secret World” Amping the “Hollywood Autism” Pity Party

Wow, that was deep💔 “I had to grieve the life I pictured, before I could accept the life that was given to me💔💔 I dont know if I’m still accepting it, most times it’s easier to just stay home rather than be around all the other kids who are not like Mason, the “typical” kids, because it’s a reminder of what We don’t have, what Were missing out on……what could be, if only Autism weren’t a part of our lives💔 It’s easier to just stay home in our own safe little bubble💔

28279409_342305312843163_1238040280949120731_nInternational Autist Human Rights Charter Violation


We will oppose negative publicity campaigns against autistic people as a group.

The majority of autism fundraising is currently generated using “pity” campaigning, suggesting that autism is tragedy, disease, or epidemic that needs to be stopped.  Unfortunately, this point of view has propagated itself through to talk shows, news stories, and other forms of media coverage.

The usual technique is to show nothing but footage of (presumably) autistic children having tantrums, and then footage of parents complaining about their lives.  It is very rare to see footage of an autistic child engaged in ordinary activities and even rarer to see footage of an autistic adult.

This “tragedy” view of autism is extremely damaging to autistic people, far beyond the scope that any funds generated could justify.  It causes employment discrimination, it worsens social isolation, and it leads some parents to give up on helping their children, in favour of holding onto a false hope of a cure.

Some organisations take this even further, using phrases such as “soulless”, “worse than cancer”, or “incapable of love”.  One of the biggest anti-autistic organisations, Autism Speaks, even went so far as to create a propaganda film in which a woman talks about wanting to drive herself and her autistic child off a bridge.  This statement was made while her autistic child was in the same room.

These campaigns are based on stereotypes, prejudice, and deliberate misrepresentation, and they need to be stopped.



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