Autistic Abuser Alert | Autistic Mom & Activist, Emma Dalmayne, Warns Autistic Community of “Gaslighting” Abuser Kimberly Mahurin | #AutisticMomsRise

26685125_1435085263287400_6506077953088207756_oBe warned this woman gaslights autistics.

emma dalmayneShe admits to using chelation GAPS and other things she would not disclose on her autistic son.

She is upset that I exposed the admin of Leaving The Spectrum Mark Hedges IV for advising parents on the restrictive GAPS diet. He claims to be a ‘recovered aspie’.

For that i get called a narc, told I’m angry and have issues with my childhood.
That I basically neglect my kids and am teaching them anger.

If teaching my kids to be proud autistics is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

If them feeling anger over people using quackery and ABA on autistic individuals is wrong, tell me why?

This woman believes autism is a brain injury that can be healed by neuro movements….she wanted to interview me.

She is also anti vaccine……


Method Of Hope (TM) is a comprehensive program that parents can use all on their own to maximize any therapy or educational technique they are using



I was talking with a mother here on Leaving the Spectrum. She brought up the subject of developmental delays experienced by children who have recovered from autism.

She was telling me that many mothers of recovered kids have found that their little ones had significant gaps in their social and communicative abilities. That because of the autism their child’s emotional and social growth was stunted. This subject is very important to think about …

If you are interested at all in recovering your child from autism, do it now! Now!

For those of you on here who don’t know me, I’m a 49 year old recovered Aspie. yes, I got rid of my autism by using the GAPS diet for healing my gut and my brain and Medical Medium’s diet for detoxing. – Mark Hedges

Autist Charter of Human Rights Violations


We will oppose physically or mentally harmful “treatments” targeting autistic people.

Due to the public perception of autism, a large number of unethical treatments have become quite common.  These include physically harmful treatments (such as aversive behavioural therapies or restraints), mentally harmful treatments (such as 20-40 hr/week ABA, restriction of non-harmful stimming and other autistic coping mechanisms), dangerous non-medically approved therapies based on discredited theories or religious beliefs (such as chelation or exorcism), and therapies that would be called “torture” if they were used on nonautistic children (such as the electroshock “behavioural” devices).


We will oppose the idea of an autism “cure”.

Part of the problem with the “autism as tragedy” point of view is that it carries with it the idea that a person is somehow separable from autism, and that there is a “normal” person trapped “behind” the autism.

Being autistic is something that influences every single element of who a person is – from the interests we have, the ethical systems we use, the way we view the world, and the way we live our lives.  As such, autism is a part of who we are.

To “cure” someone of autism would be to take away the person they are, and replace them with someone else.

Also, funding for “cure” research is unlikely to ever produce a result.  In the meantime, support services for autistic people are under-funded.  This money would be far better used to help existing autistic people.

The “cure” mentality also influences cultural treatment of autistic people.  Many parents focus on the idea of finding a cure for their child, and may neglect actual help and support in the process.  Also, teaching children that they are “broken” and need to be “fixed” has long-term consequences for their mental health.


We will seek evaluation of alleged treatments for ethical approaches.

One of the problems with the current state of autism treatments is that there is little in the way of quality control, and often a suggested treatment is commenced without thought for the ethics involved.  Some examples of unethical practices include the use of aversives (e.g. “behavioural” physical harm, denial of food, deliberate triggering of sensory overloads), unreasonably long hours (e.g. many people advocate 40hrs/week of ABA), potentially dangerous treatments (e.g. Chelation), and focusing on “normalisation” rather than help (e.g. restricting non-damaging autistic behaviours, such as stims).


26685125_1435085263287400_6506077953088207756_oYou need to watch more videos by me before any interview because I have a feeling, after following your comments that you don’t feel comfortable with seeing the bigger picture.

The big picture is what I teach parents. And a part of that picture (a very small portion)  is a healthy diet and not off of a USA food pyramid. I also know for a fact my son came ill after his vaccines.

I saw his differences early on but i also saw him get very ill. Autism or not the body needs a certain amount of physical care. So my work is about healing deep emotional wounds and sensory health.

About treat the whole child. So I don’t want you doing anything uncomfortable for you. But I don’t feel you want to see other points. That’s ok. So you let me know and think about it. What saddens me is the fact …

Transcriptions in process . . .

Gallery of Screens




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  1. Exactly what kind of bogus post is this? Why are pointing the finger at another mom? Perhaps to get the attention away from yourself? Damn shame!


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