Open Letter To Whitney Ellenby: You’re Not An Autistic Ambassador. You’re an Autistic Abuser | #ElmoMom #AutisticMomsRise

whitneyellenby(Message was sent originally via contact form on the Autism Uncensored Site. Sharing it here as an open letter. Posted comment version on WaPo here. )

Ms. Ellenby,

Autistic Moms of Autistic kids have put the call out to STOP the Hollywood tragedy narrative of NT-mamas drowning out the Autistic community voice. We have put out the call to STOP Autistic Child Abuse!

Your book has been identified permanently in our community as harmful. The campaign to bring awareness to Autistic Child Abuse – this book we’re using to illustrate how clearly this happens, and then gets justified as “love.”  The raw emos expressed in this story are expressions of autistic abuse.

Free speech you had. Free Speech Autistic response is what you get in return. 

Then the responses by you and your husband to Autistic people? — Blows my mind.  We keep talking about NT-parent privilege — and here you are gaslighting, using intimidation techniques, listing false reports to false autism watch lists? WTF was that? Your flavor of Autistic Activism is code for Autistic Hate. 

Wow, YOU ARE NOT an ambassador of the Autistic people — never were.That you assume to be is offensive and you’ve done great harm to the actual autistic community.

We are the ambassadors here. Parents are welcome to join us — actual allies and actual autistic acceptance is how we’re moving forward.

Thank you for giving us such an incredible platform that showed the world what the autistic community is saying about autistic abuse. I’m sure this is not how you “thought” you were going to help us — but the end result is — NT parents of autistics are taking a stand with us

— time for autistic-abuse glorified  and exploitation for monetary gain is over.

That you lord ADA like privilege is horrific. Unbelievably ableist in your arguments on that too. NO wonder people start hating Autistics when we’re young.

That you and your husband consider yourselves disability advocates and then slaughter autistics with ableist slurs, hate speech and rage Wow. That’s not the advocacy we need — that’s abuse. Again.

A petition against your book has been created. The boycott and autistic voice against your book is being documented in Autistic History — and right now . . . around the world . . . the Autistic community has banded in the shared goal to stop Autistic Abuse.

We will be heard. In a horrible way –– you’ve helped us and we won’t be silenced again.

To be very clear: you and your husband do not represent the Autistic People.

STOP Autistic Child Abuse! | Autistic Mom Puts Out a Call To Help Autistics Now | #AutisticMomsRise



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