My Photography – part 4 of 5 – teaser

So I decided that this will be the second to last post of this series that I put on Eve’s site.  My computer went by the wayside and I’m in the process of salvaging all of my old files, including my photographs.  Womp womp.  I can say that I have some photography projects in the works to be shared on the site, and soon, but I’m thinking of going in a bit of a different direction and format, in part so that you can distinguish my personal posts from contributions to International Badass Activists!

In the meantime, here’s a teaser image of my friend Alyssa, who also struggles with bipolar disorder and co-occuring conditions.  My next post will feature images I’ve captured of her during our many adventures and ups and downs in life, alongside her writings.  In fact, I’ll include one of the sonnets she wrote below!
Alyssa Portraits-2


In fetal position and cringing when touched,

With pupils so swollen they black out the brown,

She lies in my garden, hid under the brush

And covered in leaves, afraid to be found

By someone like me who might love her to death,

Put her in a pit, gently wipe off the tears

Of memory from her eyes (like crystal meth-

Amphetamines making illusions appear).

I open her mouth.

Lilac opium clouds Erupt from her nostrils and soak into mine,

Weaving a pallid hallucinate shroud:

A prenatal ribbon, a deathly life line.

I wrap it around her white, stiffening form

Then kiss her cold cheek, my lips making her warm.

~Alyssa Wisener


As always, I’d love links to others’ work or feedback in general!

And, as if you asked for it, I’ll also leave you with a quote from my most recent Facebook ramblings on mental illness in an attempt at stigma-busting and generating conversation:

“One of my most recent and memorable feelings of safety was in a group of my peers with mental illness talking openly about our feelings and symptoms, including homicidal and suicidal ideations and severe psychosis that, in my case, contributed to landing me in the ER and mental health treatment facilities where I have historically and recently faced unspeakable abuse.  I am much, much more scared of the system and the oftentimes bleak future people like me (sometimes subsequently) face, than you should be of me.” ~Ashli



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